Royal Sundaram General Insurance

Key Features

Claim Settlement Ratio 81.5%

Claim Settlement Facility 100%

Network Hospitals 7000

Renewability 100%

COVID-19 Cover Yes

Incurred Claim Ratio 61%

Royal Sundaram health insurance plans

Entry requirements

The minimum entry age is 18 years and the maximum entry age is lifetime. There is no capping on the maximum entry age as customers can enter the policy at any time.

Sum Insured

The minimum sum insured under the plans are Rs. 2 laksh and a maximum sum insured of Rs.1.5 Crore. Sum insured enhancement is permitted only at the time of renewal of the health insurance policy.

Family coverage

The family coverage includes Self, Spouse, and up to 4 dependent children. Separate floater plans can be taken for parents or other dependents.

No claim bonus

Royal Sundaram health insurance plans offer a no claim bonus of up to 20% for every claim free year and a maximum of up to 100% of the sum insured. There will not be any reduction in the no claim bonus as a result of claim by the insured person in a policy year.

Pre and post hospitalization

The pre and post hospitalization expenses are covered up to 60 days and 180 days respectively.

Ambulance Cover

The plan will reimburse the ambulance expenses up to Rs.10000 as reasonable and customary charges incurred to transfer the insured person from the place of accident to the nearest hospital or from one hospital to another hospital.

Organ donor expenses

The policy covers the reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by an organ donor who is undergoing organ transplant for the insured. The organ donor expenses are covered up to the sum insured limit mentioned under the policy.

Domiciliary hospitalization

The company would reimburse the medical expenses incurred for treatments taken at home involving medical treatments exceeding a period of 3 days up to the sum insured limit mentioned under the policy.

Vaccination for Animal Bite

The policy covers the vaccination costs for animal bite up to Rs.7500. The medical expenses incurred for OPD treatment for animal bite for vaccination or immunization are covered under the policy.

Emergency domestic evacuation

This facility is available once in a lifetime of the policy period in case of medical evacuation and on the advice of the treating doctor. The maximum sum insured coverage under this section is Rs.3 lakhs.

Worldwide emergency hospitalization

The health insurance plan covers the Worldwide emergency hospitalization up to 50% of the sum insured for Rs.2 lakhs whichever is lower, once in a policy year.

International treatment

The health insurance policy of Royal Sundaram covers the international treatment abroad for 11 critical illnesses along with one time return airfare for insured person.

OPD Treatment

The policy covers the OPD treatment up to Rs.10,000 during the policy period.

Health Checkup

The policy covers the cost of a health checkup as per the plan eligibility subject to renewability of the policy. This benefit is above the base sum insured.