Give your employees the Gift of Meditation with our
15 Min Online Daily Live Guided Group Meditation

Make your Employees feel free, relaxed, and motivated

Your employees are busy with their work and overwhelmed with life. It's time to reduce employees' stress, increase happiness, and free them from their life issues. We conduct daily live meditation that helps your employees and their families forget their problems and enjoy the true essence of peace.

Meditation is the perfect way to train the mind and cultivate mindfulness at work. In fact, in research, organizations that adopt meditation therapy at their Workplace help employees to reduce stress and improve productivity simultaneously

Meditation is a trending yet challenging activity. It's something everyone wants to do, but no one knows how to start. We Help your employees by giving them access to a trusted Meditation coach. The Coach will guide your employees and their families into meditation through an online guided commentary every evening. The coach can answer questions from participants about the challenges they are facing to practise meditation during the session or in private after the session has ended. This will help them to use meditation practice anytime and anywhere.

Meditation is helpful in an organization, primarily for the employees and HR. Here are the six proven benefits of meditation, which clearly defines the need and effect of meditation.

  • Improves Cognition - The ability to sustain attention
  • Reduce stress and decrease the level of cortisol in the brain and bodies
  • Meditation brings peace, Boost memory and recharge your employees
  • Meditation regulates mood and improves the sleep quality
  • Meditation helps to curb emotional reactions
  • Meditation in the group leads to better collaboration.
Join the employee engagement program and make meditation their habit; from the busy life schedule, give them peace of self-realization and make them happy, so your employees will leave work on a positive note.

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