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Putting together a generous Benefits Program that will profoundly impact the life and loyalty of your employees requires legal and financial counsel. There is no one solution, and as any HR manager will testify, the demands of each work place are different.

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Our one-of-the-kind Employee Benefits management tool helps you to manage all the insurance benefits from your desktop. Employees can see their coverages and enrol for the optional employee funded policies. It can be easily integrated with your HR intranet or payroll software. Some of the features of the tool are:

  • Employee Onboarding
  • Check Premium Balance
  • Account Statement
  • Claims Status
  • Manage Employee Funded Policies
  • Roll-out Benefit Surveys
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We bring to you an end-to-end Health management solutions to manage employees and their dependants health.


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Talk about your problems with Us! Our expert and confidential Employee Assistance Program is here to help.




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