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We added the most missing element
in Employee Group Health Insurance,
Employee Happiness

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280+ Happy Clients, 100K+ lives insured and growing...

Here's how Ethika has evolved and know
what we can do for your company.

We found that your HR team could be more productive if half of its time is not spent
dealing with hospitals, insurers, employees, and third-party administrators.
As a result, we offered our Red Carpet Claims Service Module at a time when
everyone else was talking about insurance rates.

We strive to get every Health Insurance claim settled fast,
And with a thank you note from your employee.

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We didn't stop here...

We realised that with timely intervention, most of the hospitalisation could have been avoided.
Hence, we developed the Employee Wellness Program which is not only easier to implement but also
helps in protecting employees’ mental and physical health thus reducing work disruptions.

Once again the success reflected in the “thank you” notes which made us
the preferred Employee Benefits Insurance Partner for our clients.

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Here's what we did next.

We discovered that participation in employee wellness programs is low because,
Our employees are programmed to work towards “ avoiding unhappiness”
They must be reprogrammed to work towards "becoming happier."

With our Employee Happiness Program, you can now engage your entire
employee base, including their families
, and become a preferred employer.

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Behind Every Successful Business
There are Happy employees.

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We asked ourselves What more could we do ?

We observed that many HRs still use Excel sheets for most HR functions that can be easily automated.

Benefits Management Platform now includes a fully functional HR Management module
designed to help HR spend less time on transactional jobs and more time on employee engagement.

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And now we are working on something much more interesting...

In our opinion, the real purpose of employee health insurance should not be limited to providing financial assistance to employees when they become sick, But to keep them from getting sick in the first place.
To keep them healthy.
To make them happier.

This is where we come in as insurance brokers.

Think about what would happen if we could help just 2% of MSMEs to transform their Group Health Insurance program into an Employee Happiness Program. At least 3 million families can be reached.
Being contagious, happiness can have ripple effects.
An India with greater happiness is possible.

That's what we're working on.
Thats our Bigger Purpose.

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