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Our one-of-the-kind Employee Benefits Management tools helps you to manage all the insurance benefits from your desktop. Employees can see their coverage and enroll for the optional employee funded policies. It can be easily integrated with your HR intranet or payroll software. Some of the features of the tool are:



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Why Ethika Insurance Brokers?


Our one-of-the-kind Employee Benefits management tool helps you to manage all the insurance benefits from your desktop. Employees can see their coverages and enroll for the optional employee funded policies. It can be easily integrated with your HR intranet or payroll software.

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Insurance is a competitive industry in which several factors need to be taken into account. As a New-age Insurance Broker in India Ethika adheres to a strong control system enables us to deliver accurate and exceptional service. We have put together a dedicated team of experts with insurance experience and in-depth knowledge of current market conditions.

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As an Insurance broking Services expert, we think Offering employees a comprehensive benefits program is not enough. To bring tangible gains, it is necessary that a business not only undertakes such a program, but also ensures that its employees understand and appreciate that money is being invested on their behalf. Organization should ensure that such benefits are not delayed or tedious to handle.

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Putting together a generous Benefits Program that will profoundly impact the life and loyalty of your employees requires legal and financial counsel. There is no one solution, and as any HR manager will testify, the demands of each work place are different.

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Core Features of Insurance Brokers

Over 250 Satisfied Clients

Over 250 Satisfied Clients

service by our customer

Rated 4.9 out of 5 for service by our customer


settling 25 claims per day


Over 15 years of industry expertise

Over 150+ Satisfied Clients

1st generation promoters- from being employees to entrepreneurs

Over 150+ Satisfied Clients

100% self- funded ( employee owned)- no private equity

Over 150+ Satisfied Clients

Growth funded from internal accruals

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Managed Health & Employee Wellness


Ethika insurance brokers brings you a complete, end-to-end health management solution tailored to your employees’ needs – TotalHealth. From Health Assessment, Biometric Screening, One-on-one Doctor, Consultations.


Ethika insurance brokers recognize there can be times when additional support is needed for employees and managers. Balancing the pressures of work with the needs of home and personal life can be at times, very stressful, adversely impacting work performance and personal well-being of your employees.

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