Employee Wellness Program

Healthy Employees = Healthy Business

A company's HQ (health quotient) directly impacts the
company's EQ (emotional quotient) and IQ (intelligence quotient).

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Investing 1₹ in improving the company's
Health Quotient results in a return of 10₹

Research shows that preventing future health problems, which lead to lost productivity and higher healthcare costs in the future, is more effective than reacting to them after the fact and for that reason, worldwide, wellness programs are becoming more common to combat the rising costs of healthcare and lost productivity caused by avoidable illness.

What is an employee wellness program?

An employee wellness program or a workplace wellness program is a health program for employees that aims to improve their health and wellness through preventive measures. Such programs are provided by the employer as an additional benefit to the employees over and above the health insurance plans.

Benefits of Promoting
Healthy Culture in Organization

From a monetary standpoint,
fit employees are less likely to get sick.

Employees who are more energetic are also more productive.

A fitness-oriented employee will also be goal-oriented at work.

In addition to reduced absenteeism, they also reduce health care expenditures.

Healthy and fit employees also tend to be more confident in themselves and instill confidence in others.

Living a healthy and fit lifestyle also promotes a positive attitude and reduces stress.

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How do we promote health in organizations?

We follow
a 5 step approach

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Health check up

An employee makes an appointment for a health checkup through our Web portal. Blood and urine samples are collected from their home. Within 48 working hours, they receive a Diagnostic Report via email. Employees receive this health check-up for CBC With ESR Lipid Profile, Liver Profile, Renal profile, Urine Routine, Cost @ 400 Rs.

Employees (or their families) are also eligible for dental and vision screenings. Through our portal, your employees can find the nearest center, download the coupon, and get the checkup done for free.

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Health Risk

Each employee will receive an email containing a link to a 10-minute health risk assessment test. Employees fill out details about their lifestyle choices and health parameters from the diagnostic report. Employees' health risks are assessed, and a detailed report is provided with Health Scores.

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Unlimited 1-0-1 Doctor

An online doctor consultation is provided to employees in response to their health test report and suggestions offered on how the Health Scores can be improved. Further, based on the doctor's consultation and severity of the health condition, employees will be referred to specialists or sent for a drill-down diagnostic test.

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1-0-1 Nutrition

Numerous diseases can be controlled with nutritional counseling. A nutrition counseling session occurs in a two-way interaction between an employee and a nutritionist where they define nutritional problems, needs, and goals, discuss how to achieve them, and decide on future steps. Employees will learn information about nutrition's impact on their health status as well as practical strategies for meeting nutritional needs.

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Health Report

Providing insight into organizational health through an organizational health report. Health parameters are analyzed in detail before drafting the report. By understanding employees' health and behavior, management can manage organizational health rigorously, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and grow business.

Glimpse of our Sample Individual Report

What will your Organization Get ?

  • Comprehensive Organization health report
  • Reduction in health insurance premiums by linking the Organization health score with health insurance claims.
  • Productive employees
  • Engagement in Employee Wellness program through gamification
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Growth in business

Sample Organization health report



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Health screenings help detect diseases early and reduce the risk of developing them. Employees can avoid further risk & improve their health by finding out their internal health status Unhealthy behaviors—-Health Risk—--chronic health disease—--Health care cost (claims)