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Behind Every Successful Business
There are Happy employees.

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What is an employee happiness program?
Every business looks to increase growth and profits. And the responsibility to achieve this end always falls on the shoulders of the employees. No matter the circumstances, all employees are expected to rise to the occasion and deliver results.
But in setting such expectations from employees, there is one aspect that often gets overlooked - employee happiness.
A happy employee helps form a happy workplace. A happy workplace, in turn, drives productivity.
And one way to ensure employee happiness is through an employee happiness program. Having such a program or workshop at the workplace will involve activities that increase employee engagement and inspire employees to be better and do better every single day.

Imagine a world where almost every employee of your company wakes up inspired to go to work, feels trusted and valued during the day, then returns home feeling fulfilled. This is not a crazy idealized notion.
Today, in many successful organizations, great HR leaders create environments in which people work together naturally to do remarkable things.
You might have witnessed that some teams trust each other so deeply that they would literally put their lives on the line for each other. Other teams, no matter what incentives are offered, are doomed to infighting, fragmentation and failure.

Want to find out the two secrets?

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What you are going to learn

  1. Discover the 2 Secrets of Employee Happiness and put them into action to develop a culture of Happiness@work in your organization
  2. Based on the scientific and proven 5 key elements framework, develop your own strategies to enhance employee happiness and retain your high-performing employees.
  3. Boost your employees productivity by 500% by simply transforming employees from feeling bored to feeling excited about their work
  4. Find out why the next generation of CEOs will put more emphasis on Return on Happiness (ROH) than Return On Investment (ROI) and how HR leaders will get the most out of this shift.
  5. Get surprised to learn the zero budget roadmap for implementing employee happiness strategies.
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Happiness Tool Kit for HR

Practical, easy-to-do activities & interventions which your
HR can use to do live support sessions for all your employees

About the coach

Hello, I'm Susheel Agarwal, your coach for this program.
At 33 I was an average employee working in a highly competitive corporate.
I was earning a salary that I always dreamt of during my college days.
But I wasn't happy.
I felt something was missing.
There was a void inside me.

That led me to quit my corporate job and start an insurance broking company.
I realized then that the void was not due to my job but the absence of happiness at the job.
I made it a priority to seek happiness in whatever I do.

Now at 40 I am owning a reputed Insurance Broking Company valued over 10 USD
100% boot strapped.
Profitable from day 1.
Driven by a team of over 50 passionate people.
Serving over 300 Clients who are our Sales Ambassadors.
Surprisingly, I have more time now than ever before to do work that keeps me happy.

I realized that nothing I achieved was due to exceptional intelligence or good fortune. It was possible because I inspired my team members to find happiness at work.
That realisation gave birth to this program

CEO of Ethika Insurance Broking & Happiness Coach Susheel Agarwal

It's time to give your employees something they really want.
Something that makes them happy.
Something that incentivizes them to do their best work.
Something that they can't help but talk about.
Something that takes them to dinner with their loved ones after work, more often.
Something that inspires them to come back to work in the morning.
Something that will increase their productivity by 500%.

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What you need is intention and sincere efforts to learn and implement the strategies. Most of the strategies can be implemented by HR at no cost or minor cost to the organisation.