What lacks in HR to become a CEO

You might find these facts very interesting.

The inclusion of private players by Railways is a welcome development.

Here is a company with 125 crore customer base. Possessing a monopoly in business.

Having decades of experience.

The competition is zero.

The company employs more than 10 lac people.

With no job threats at all, all employees feel comfortable on the job.

Despite this, the company continues to lose money.

That means, getting employees into their comfort zones is the biggest mistake any company can make.

Another such example are

Nokia's growing bureaucracy and internal rivalries prevented it from recognizing the shift from product-based competition to platform-based competition.

Kodak created the first digital camera, but failed to market it.

Lehman Brothers collapsed because the management thought they knew better than anyone else.

For that matter, take any company that was successful at first and later failed.

If we drill down, we find that companies fail because employees stay within their comfort zones.

They believe that they are too smart.

They ignore the challenges ahead or changing trends in the industry.

Most HR Leaders get confused between Employees' comfort and Employees' Happiness .

And that is the main reason which is stopping HR from becoming CEO.

The bottom line of the company will be enhanced by employee happiness and eroded by employee comfort.

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