How to pick an Affordable Group Health Plan for your Start-up?

The importance of a health insurance plan is not unknown. As a start-up owner, one of the biggest questions you might be tackling is whether or not you should offer health insurance cover to your employees. A group health insurance plan, is a health insurance coverage offered to people working in the same organization. This […]

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6 Steps to Reduce Health Insurance Premium Cost of your Company

Cost-cutting is a hard reality, especially in the post-pandemic era. As an employer, you want to do what is best for your employees while not losing sight of your company’s long-term goals. For your company to run smoothly and have a sustainable future, you must look at all possible ways to reduce your costs. Your […]

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Let us divorce | Ethika Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd

This will put an end to all your problems. He said sternly, hurrying out for his office. I sank into the sofa, stunned. Dumbfounded. What did I do for this? Don’t I deserve a good life, Happy relationships, Kids future, Some fun, and recreation? My joy, freedom, and peace of mind have no value, is […]

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What is Group Health Insurance ?

Group Health Insurance policy option is available for Companies to provide the Health Insurance policy for the Employees who work under the same Organization. Most often this policy is offered as a benefit to the Employees by the Employer. The policy can be extended to Employees, Spouse, Dependent Child & Dependent Parents / In-laws too. […]

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How a super top-up health insurance plan can help you?

The only cost-effective way to protect against the current medical inflation and meet medical requirements is to have a Super top-up Health insurance policy. Serious medical emergencies can ruin our finances at any time, this can be only avoided with adequate insurance cover for our family. However, it is very difficult to consider what coverage […]

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image of doctor - Pre-existing diseases in health insurance

Have you noticed this condition in your Health Insurance policy?

This condition decides to payability in the majority of the claims. All you need to know about Pre-existing diseases in Health Insurance. Pre-existing diseases are the medical conditions that the policyholder is already suffering from the diseases before purchasing a health insurance policy. As per the definition of IRDAI any condition, ailment, injury, or disease […]

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Personal Health Insurance : How to make it Affordable?

With growing lifestyle health risks, pandemic threats and inflation in medical treatment costs, the importance of having a comprehensive insurance coverage has become paramount. The health insurance premium is the amount paid by a policyholder to the health insurance provider to avail medical coverage and the benefits associated with a health insurance policy. People have […]

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Mobile Phone Insurance : Is it just enough?

Who is the one person that knows you more than you know yourself? The answer is not a living being but an inanimate object – your smartphone. From your thoughts to your eating preferences and your political opinions, your smartphone is your personality condensed into digital data. With all the sensitive information such as your […]

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Happy New year_Message from CEO

New Year 2021 – Letter from our CEO

Dear Ethika Family, A year has gone by. I have been in a reflective mood today, thinking about my response to some of the new year calls from my close friends. Life was so exciting just a year before… “Nothing seems to be as it was. We feel uneasy, we feel uncertain, we feel vulnerable. […]

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image of Corona treatment cost

Coronavirus- The high impact on employee mental health

It’s no surprise that the Indian economy has taken a big hit post corona as the news arrives. The GDP of the country has contracted in double-digits, the lowest in decades. We have come from being the world’s fastest-growing economy to our GDP being lower than Bangladesh, the situation looks bleak for everyone in 2020. […]

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A mechanically self-propelled vehicle; supposed to be ply on the public roads should have at least ‘ THIRD-PARTY ‘ Insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Coverage under Motor Insurance: OWN DAMAGE: (Comprehensive) The company will indemnify the insured against loss or damage to the vehicle insured, i. by Fire ii. by Explosion iii. by […]

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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

ABOUT PRODUCT IN BRIEF:   Being a Director or Officer of a company brings with it not only the stresses and strains of making business decisions, but it also exposes the individual to enormous potential personal liability. This in turn is leading to greater concern among Directors & Officers of Indian Corporates. D & O […]

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  • What is the core difference between term insurance and health insurance? Out of the two, which is more beneficial in the long run?

    The core difference is, term insurance is to help -if you die, where as health insurance is to help you live long. Term insurance is for securing your family from financial crisis, if you die. Health insurance is to secure you and your family from financial crisis if either you or any of your family member is hospitalized. Both are very important to have. Instead of choosing one out of these 2, I suggest you to go for a super top up policy for health insurance and go for a plain term insurance atleast to a minimum of 50 Lakhs Sum Insured. You can reach us at for any help in selecting right product for lowest premium.
  • What are some good health insurance plans in India?

    Instead of just looking at buying only 1 plan with all benefits, its better to go for a combination of plans to get a cheaper cover. Most of the insurance plans offers attractive riders ( optional Covers), but there are better alternatives to get the same cover more comprehensively at cheaper price. You can follow my answer in below link for a good health insurance plan in India.Susheel Agarwal's answer to Where could I get low-cost self-employed health insurance?
  • Is there any health insurance that covers maternity without a waiting period?

    This is possible only under corporate group health insurance. Retail Health insurance does not cover health issues which are planned and certain to happen. If insurance is provided for maternity with out waiting period, every person will opt for health insurance just before maternity. Insurance companies runs on the concept of 2 or 3 incurring loss out of 100. So the collected premium should be sufficient for payment of claims incurred. If this ratio is reversed that 90 to 95 people are claiming then how will an insurance company manage to pay the claim? There are policies in market where there is a waiting period as low as 9 months. But those plans are not useful as premium is very very high.