Group Insurance Scheme

What is Group Health Insurance ?

Group Health Insurance policy option is available for Companies to provide the Health Insurance policy for the Employees who work under the same Organization. Most often this policy is offered as a benefit to the Employees by the Employer. The policy can be extended to Employees, Spouse, Dependent Child & Dependent Parents / In-laws too. […]

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mother hugging her kids - super top up health insurance

How a super top-up health insurance plan can help you?

The only cost-effective way to protect against the current medical inflation and meet medical requirements is to have a Super top-up Health insurance policy. Serious medical emergencies can ruin our finances at any time, this can be only avoided with adequate insurance cover for our family. However, it is very difficult to consider what coverage […]

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Pre-existing diseases in health insurance

Have you noticed this condition in your Health Insurance policy?

This condition decides to payability in the majority of the claims. All you need to know about Pre-existing diseases in Health Insurance Pre-existing diseases are the medical conditions that the policyholder is already suffering from the diseases before purchasing a health insurance policy. As per the definition of IRDAI any condition, ailment, injury, or disease […]

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parents insurance cases

Getting our Parents health insurance is always an issue.

Most of our parents never insured their health when they were young. Now Insurance companies don’t want to cover them, as their current health conditions are not favorable to insurers underwriting guidelines. Ayushman Scheme launched by the government does not cover the middle class. Very few corporates (15%) cover employee’s Parents under group health insurance. […]

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last will for nominee

Execute A Will For Your Nominee To Get The Proceeds Of Your Insurance Claim After Your Death

Like thousands of people, do you think that Nominee will get the proceeds of your Insurance Claim after your death? Then you are mistaken. The nominee is just a custodian of the claim amount. He can’t spend the amount. He will have to give the proceeds to the legal heir as per the succession law. […]

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best life insurance

Which is the best private LifeInsurance in India?

Unlike health insurance, life insurance has limited criteria to compare the plans of various insurance companies. Once you finalize which plan type, there are only 2 things to check – one is premium and the other is the Company’s sustainability and claim settlement ratio. For the plan, I would suggest you go for a Term […]

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Group Mediclaim to Personal Health Insurance Portability

Group Mediclaim to Personal Health Insurance Portability

The insurance regulator has permitted the porting of Health Insurance. Here are the guidelines for porting from the group to retail. If an employee wants to port the policy to a Personal Health Insurance policy from the group policy, he can do so, at the time of exit from the company. The employee needs to […]

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health insurance card

Why do you need to keep your HealthInsurance card in your wallet?

It is necessary to keep your health insurance card in your wallet so that Hospital authorities do not wait for your relatives to deposit the money for starting the treatment in emergency accident treatments. The Insurance health card is not a credit card and it does not have any magnetic strip. It just carries your […]

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save tax

How to use Section80D to save maximum tax?

We are allowed to claim a deduction of Rs.25K from our taxable salary for the Mediclaim Insurance premium. But so many of you will be covering yourself (including spouse and kids) within Rs.10K to 15K only. You can utilize the balance benefit by purchasing an Outpatient benefit Insurance policy. For example, let’s say your Mediclaim […]

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covid-19 job loss

How Can One deal with job losses and salary cuts arise due to Covid-19?

Unfortunately, there is no insurance for unemployment in India. Hence it’s now our utmost priority to have a Plan-B to deal with sudden unemployment. Else we never know, what is coming next. Can we have a plan-B which would require no investment, no much learning, no extra time? Can this plan-B do something that will […]

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