How to pick an Affordable Group Health Plan for your Start-up?

The importance of a health insurance plan is not unknown. As a start-up owner, one of the biggest questions you might be tackling is whether or not you should offer health insurance cover to your employees. A group health insurance plan, is a health insurance coverage offered to people working in the same organization. This […]

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6 Steps to Reduce Health Insurance Premium Cost of your Company

Cost-cutting is a hard reality, especially in the post-pandemic era. As an employer, you want to do what is best for your employees while not losing sight of your company’s long-term goals. For your company to run smoothly and have a sustainable future, you must look at all possible ways to reduce your costs. Your […]

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vector image of couple with distance

Let us divorce | Ethika Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd

This will put an end to all your problems. He said sternly, hurrying out for his office. I sank into the sofa, stunned. Dumbfounded. What did I do for this? Don’t I deserve a good life, Happy relationships, Kids future, Some fun, and recreation? My joy, freedom, and peace of mind have no value, is […]

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vector image of Group Insurance Scheme

What is Group Health Insurance ?

Group Health Insurance policy option is available for Companies to provide the Health Insurance policy for the Employees who work under the same Organization. Most often this policy is offered as a benefit to the Employees by the Employer. The policy can be extended to Employees, Spouse, Dependent Child & Dependent Parents / In-laws too. […]

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image of mother hugging her kids - super top up health insurance

How a super top-up health insurance plan can help you?

The only cost-effective way to protect against the current medical inflation and meet medical requirements is to have a Super top-up Health insurance policy. Serious medical emergencies can ruin our finances at any time, this can be only avoided with adequate insurance cover for our family. However, it is very difficult to consider what coverage […]

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image of doctor - Pre-existing diseases in health insurance

Have you noticed this condition in your Health Insurance policy?

This condition decides to payability in the majority of the claims. All you need to know about Pre-existing diseases in Health Insurance. Pre-existing diseases are the medical conditions that the policyholder is already suffering from the diseases before purchasing a health insurance policy. As per the definition of IRDAI any condition, ailment, injury, or disease […]

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Personal Health Insurance : How to make it Affordable?

With growing lifestyle health risks, pandemic threats and inflation in medical treatment costs, the importance of having comprehensive insurance coverage has become paramount. The health insurance premium is the amount paid by a policyholder to the health insurance provider to avail medical coverage and the benefits associated with a health insurance policy. People have become […]

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Mobile Phone Insurance : Is it just enough?

Who is the one person that knows you more than you know yourself? The answer is not a living being but an inanimate object – your smartphone. From your thoughts to your eating preferences and your political opinions, your smartphone is your personality condensed into digital data. With all the sensitive information such as your […]

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Happy New year_Message from CEO

New Year 2021 – Letter from our CEO

Dear Ethika Family, A year has gone by. I have been in a reflective mood today, thinking about my response to some of the new year calls from my close friends. Life was so exciting just a year before… “Nothing seems to be as it was. We feel uneasy, we feel uncertain, we feel vulnerable. […]

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image of Corona treatment cost

Coronavirus- The high impact on employee mental health

It’s no surprise that the Indian economy has taken a big hit post corona as the news arrives. The GDP of the country has contracted in double-digits, the lowest in decades. We have come from being the world’s fastest-growing economy to our GDP being lower than Bangladesh, the situation looks bleak for everyone in 2020. […]

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vector image of car


A mechanically self-propelled vehicle; supposed to be ply on the public roads should have at least ‘ THIRD-PARTY ‘ Insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act. Coverage under Motor Insurance: OWN DAMAGE: (Comprehensive) The company will indemnify the insured against loss or damage to the vehicle insured, i. by Fire ii. by Explosion iii. by […]

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Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

ABOUT PRODUCT IN BRIEF:   Being a Director or Officer of a company brings with it not only the stresses and strains of making business decisions, but it also exposes the individual to enormous potential personal liability. This in turn is leading to greater concern among Directors & Officers of Indian Corporates. D & O […]

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term life insurance

Is it worth it to take Term Life Insurance?

Unexpected events do happen in our life and may come in any direction. If life is so smooth as it has to be, this blog would not have been visible. Term Life Insurance is very essential for those who are financially dependents on their monthly income and always helps to care for the family in […]

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vector image of a women doing karwachauth

Gift Your Spouse “Health Insurance” this Karwachauth

I walked into my bedroom, after my dinner and a stroll. It is already past 8 PM. My wife, Sharada (Saru, as I lovingly call her) also would have retired by now. As I entered, I saw my Saru standing at the fully open French window, gazing at the moon, with wide-open arms, as if […]

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vector image of people talking - Howshould Start-ups get Group Health Insurance?

How Should Start-ups get Group Health Insurance?

This is the most frequently asked question by Start-up Owners. Though it is not mandatory to offer Group Health Insurance to the Employees for white-collar Employees, the organizations provide this as a benefit to the Employees as every other organization is doing so. Employees expect to get Health Insurance benefits from the Employer, as it […]

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vector image of health insurance

Why is Health Insurance Important?

The current pandemic has made the universe realize the fact that medical exigencies are unpredictable and can cause a financial cataclysm to handle. Treatment in a Private Hospital can derail your finances and it becomes more difficult if the bread earner of the home suffers from any diagnosis. Therefore, having a Health Insurance for the […]

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written fact - health claim

Health Claims – A Perspective

Health is Wealth. This is a saying which every one of us will agree and vouch for. However, it an unwelcome situation where the hard-earned wealth has to be spent to regain the health which got deteriorated for some reason or the other. It is from this concept that the ideology of Health insurance cropped […]

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image of man writing something - Top 5 reasons to select best health insurance

What are the TIPS to choose the best Health Insurance ?

Deciding which one to buy from a vast number of health insurance policies in India is like running towards an endless route. Finally, we land into a lot of confusion and end up buying without knowing the critical things or we may postpone completely. To make it easier and help you, we have listed down […]

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vector image of health insurance

What is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a product offered by General & Health Insurance Companies which covers the medical expenses of an Individual. You can avail of the Health Insurance Benefits via cashless & Reimbursement mode. If you are visiting the Insurance company network hospitals you have a cashless facility wherein you don’t have pay for the treatment […]

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vector image of parents insurance cases

Getting our Parents health insurance is always an issue.

Most of our parents never insured their health when they were young. Now Insurance companies don’t want to cover them, as their current health conditions are not favorable to insurers underwriting guidelines. Ayushman Scheme launched by the government does not cover the middle class. Very few corporates (15%) cover employee’s Parents under group health insurance. […]

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image of will - last will for nominee

Execute A Will For Your Nominee To Get The Proceeds Of Your Insurance Claim After Your Death

Like thousands of people, do you think that Nominee will get the proceeds of your Insurance Claim after your death? Then you are mistaken. The nominee is just a custodian of the claim amount. He can’t spend the amount. He will have to give the proceeds to the legal heir as per the succession law. […]

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vector image of best life insurance

Which is the best private LifeInsurance in India?

Unlike health insurance, life insurance has limited criteria to compare the plans of various insurance companies. Once you finalize which plan type, there are only 2 things to check – one is premium and the other is the Company’s sustainability and claim settlement ratio. For the plan, I would suggest you go for a Term […]

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image of doctor - Group Mediclaim to Personal Health Insurance Portability

Group Mediclaim to Personal Health Insurance Portability

The insurance regulator has permitted the porting of Health Insurance. Here are the guidelines for porting from the group to retail. If an employee wants to port the policy to a Personal Health Insurance policy from the group policy, he can do so, at the time of exit from the company. The employee needs to […]

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vector image of health insurance card

Why do you need to keep your HealthInsurance card in your wallet?

It is necessary to keep your health insurance card in your wallet so that Hospital authorities do not wait for your relatives to deposit the money for starting the treatment in emergency accident treatments. The Insurance health card is not a credit card and it does not have any magnetic strip. It just carries your […]

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save tax under section80D

How to use Section80D to save maximum tax?

We are allowed to claim a deduction of Rs.25K from our taxable salary for the Mediclaim Insurance premium. But so many of you will be covering yourself (including spouse and kids) within Rs.10K to 15K only. You can utilize the balance benefit by purchasing an Outpatient benefit Insurance policy. For example, let’s say your Mediclaim […]

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vector image of employees - covid-19 job loss

How Can One deal with job losses and salary cuts arise due to Covid-19?

Unfortunately, there is no insurance for unemployment in India. Hence it’s now our utmost priority to have a Plan-B to deal with sudden unemployment. Else we never know, what is coming next. Can we have a plan-B which would require no investment, no much learning, no extra time? Can this plan-B do something that will […]

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image of Corona treatment cost

3 options for the high Treatment cost of Covid

Worried about the high Treatment cost of COVID? Here are the 3 options you have Option A: Ask for an additional Corporate Floater from the Same Insurer Any claim crossing the normal sum insured can be paid from this corporate Floater. You should have a minimum of 40 lacs buffer, for a group size of […]

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vector image of people holding insurance papers - material fact in an insurance contract

What is a material fact in an insurance contract?

“A material fact under the insurance contract is -any situation or information which can increase the frequency and/or severity of loss which is covered under that particular insurance contract.” For example: A Dog bite could be a material fact for a health insurance contract which has to declared by the proposer to the insurance company. […]

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vector image of drunk and drive accidental death

Why Insurance claims of accidental deaths caused by drunk and drive are denied?

I was having an interesting chat with one of the Corporate HR Leaders yesterday. His question was: “Why in Accidental Deaths, if the person died is found drunken driving, he is denied the insurance claim ” He continued “the proceeds of the claim are meant for his family members. Why punish family members for the […]

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vector image of buildings - Gratuity to employees

How can Gratuity given early to employees can benefit them?

Companies may be required to give a gratuity to employees after just one year of completed service (presently it is 5 years). The parliamentary panel has recommended this proposal to the government. Most of the companies currently pay the gratuity portion from the companies P&L. If this proposal gets implemented, Life Insurers might see a […]

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vector image of 2 men talking to each other - Insurance policy Bima

Did you ever realise that your Insurance policy is nothing less than the Property Will?

Did you ever realize that your Insurance policy is nothing less than the Property Will? People sacrifice all their happiness to save enough money to leave for family members when they die. They can simply buy an Insurance policy, and start living there life along with family before they die. All the major uncertainties of […]

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Ethika Insurance Broking awarded in the ICICI Udaan event as the top emerging Broker

Ethika Insurance Broking awarded in the ICICI Udaan event as the top emerging Broker

Ethika Insurance Broking awarded in the ICICI Udaan event as the top emerging broker. We like to thank ICICILombard for acknowledging us. Our focus on the happiness of our clients, employees and our partner drives us to success.

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vector image of Modern Treatment methods and your health insurance

Modern Treatment methods and your Health Insurance

How many of you have read about this Modern Treatment Methods and Advancement in Medical Technologies? I haven’t heard most of them. A. Uterine Artery Embolization and HIFU B. Balloon Sinuplasty C. Deep Brain stimulation D. Oral chemotherapy E. Immunotherapy- Monoclonal Antibody to be given as an injection F. Intra vitreal injections G. Robotic surgeries […]

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Does Covid 19 gets covered under Workmen compensation Insurance policy?

If you are already covering your workers under ESI then the workmen compensation policy is not applicable. The compensation and treatment cost of the disease will be as per ESI policy. For those cases where the workers are only covered under the Workmen compensation policy, you can read further. Workmen Compensation policy covers any worker […]

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vector image of papers - LIABILITY INSURANCE

All about Liability Insurance

If you wish to have a quick idea on what liability insurance is all about, let me tell you, Liability is basically what we are liable to pay and the insurance which covers such expenses is called Liability insurance. There is a thin line that disallows the payment of such liabilities or penalties in case […]

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vector image of group of people - Group Insurance Policy

Group eligibility and benefits under Group Health Insurance

If you wish to have an insurance cover at the lowest price and with the widest cover, you should always look for an opportunity to get covered in a Group Insurance Policy. Unfortunately, people who are self-employed and/or retired does not have an opportunity to get covered under a group health insurance from their employer. […]

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vector image of 2 people talking -Difference between insurance agent and insurance broker

Insurance Broker Vs Insurance Agent

I was traveling to Vizag by train. During journey the person beside me seemed very knowledgeable. We immediately became friends. During our conversation, he asked me, what I do for a living. I said, “I am an insurance broker”. His attitude toward me immediately changed. He hardly spoke to me later. “What happened ?”, I […]

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Health Insurance For your family

20 Lakhs Health Insurance At Just 2k For Your Family

20 Lakhs Health Insurance At Just 2k For Your Family

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vector image of group of people - UNLOCK 1.0


I am sure every reader of this blog can relate himself/herself to one of the below situations. Finally, the day arrived when we decided to live with it rather than choosing death for those who are unable to continue their source of livelihood due to lockdown. Lucky are the ones who are yet having the […]

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vector image of covid policies - Covid-19 Insurance Policies Comparison

Covid-19 Insurance Policies Comparison

Insurer Eligibility Age No Travel Benefit Type Sum Insureds Premium (Rs) Other Benefits Digit Group Policy (with Flipkart) 18-60 Yrs Last 30 days Indemnity 3L & 1L 1267 511 1. 30& 60 Days pre & post Hospitalization 2. No room rent capping 3. Ambulance Assistance 1% ICICI (with PhonePe & Flipkart) 18-75 Yrs After 31st Dec […]

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vector image of car and woman - Motor Insurance

Importance of Declaring claims details in Motor Insurance

We buy motor insurance to claim when there is damage. But when we claim, the premium will be higher during renewal. This is why people tend to hide claims history upon renewal. But hiding claim details will not help. Because there is a common database with IRDA where the motor claims from all the insurance […]

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vector image of Insuring the risk

Insuring The Risk of Insuring The Risks

Customer – I want to claim my laptop theft. Insurer Claim Manager -Oh I am so sorry? How did you lose it? Customer – I actually lost my car key in during parking and someone stole the laptop from my car. Claim manager – Oh I am so sorry. It is not covered as it […]

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vector image of health workers - Health Insurance for Workers is made mandatory by Government

Health Insurance for Workers is made mandatory by Government

In the guidelines released by the Ministry of Home Affairs, it has been made mandatory to have health insurance for workers, when restarting of operation starts from 20th April. Normally in a Factory/ Manufacturing premises, the workers are covered under Workmen Compensation for occupational hazard and not for medical insurance. Some Workers covered under ESI may […]

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How to be prepared to have hassle free treatment & claims process in health insurance

An insured purchases a health insurance policy after thorough understanding and comparisons. But the job does not end there. A health insurance policy is a good deal only if you get your claim settled hassle-free. But the insurance company alone is not responsible to get this done for you. There are a couple of steps […]

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image of health insurance - How to get a Health Insurance cover of 1CR at just Rs. 12000

Get a Health Insurance cover of 1 Cr at just Rs. 12K for Self , Spouse & 1 child.

There are a lot of new inventions in the health care sector with developments in science & technology. Robotic surgeries are soon going to be a common process of treatment in the future. It will be possible that the doctor or the specialists need not be physically present with the patient. There will be less […]

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image of lockdown - Don’t allow lockdown to lock your insurance cover as well

Don’t allow lockdown to lock your insurance cover as well

IRDA has given relaxation of 30 days in addition to the grace period of 30 days in the policy, for the payment of life insurance and health insurance premiums falling due during the lockdown time. So, your policy will not lapse. However, claims falling due after the expiry is not considerable till the payment of […]

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image of man walking on rope blindfolded - risk while insuring the risk

Risks while insuring Risks

Today insurance is turning its picture from a noble social security option to a business of Fear. Instead of how humanity can benefit from this pooling of risks, insurers started looking at how the company can benefit. Having this vision has to lead them to behave in a self-securing mode in designing products, policy terms, […]

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image of doctor - Better alternatives for Optional covers in insurance policies

Better alternatives for Optional covers in insurance policies:

Better alternatives for Optional covers in insurance policies: Term Life Insurance – Return of Premium policies: The return received as survival benefit is lesser when compared to the return under FD for the same term for the extra premium paid under this policy. PA cover as a rider in various policies: It is good to […]

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image of a woman watching out of window - ALL ABOUT LOCKDOWN AND ITS IMPACT ON INSURANCE

All about Lockdown and its impact on Insurance

The impact is not the same for all the lines of insurance. life insurance is staring at huge claims due to the sudden and increased number of deaths, whereas the increased risk of falling sick has made people more conscious to bu y health insurance. We will look in detail the impact on commonly purchased […]

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Terms & conditions in Health Insurance Policy should not be used for marketing tactics

When it’s a question of simply pooling the money for one who would actually incur a loss, then why there are so many terms & conditions? Why it can’t be as simple as, in case of hospitalization total bill amount up to the sum insured is payable. All I want to say is, wherever there […]

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Health Insurance for Healthy people should cost zero

Nowadays health insurers are providing benefits to the insureds not only by bearing the medical expenses but also by adding options to the policy for their better health.  Like Health coach Discount in renewal premium for following any healthy habit and making a difference to their health.  I believe slowly this idea will take better […]

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vector image of maternity insurance - GET YOUR 15 LACS HEALTH INSURANCE AT NO ADDITIONAL COST

How to get your 15 lacs Health Insurance at no additional cost for the next 14 years?

Getting Married? With every milestone in your life comes great responsibilities. Manage it well with a beautifully designed insurance policy that covers Maternity expenses up to Rs.1.5 lacs. If you take this policy just 3 years before becoming a parent then you can get your entire Maternity expenses up to Rs.1.5 lacs reimbursed which is […]

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What is the difference between employee compensation and employee benefits?

Employee compensation and benefits play a vital role in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees. Both seem to serve the same role, however, different in definition and nature. Although intricately woven together, still there is a subtle distinction, so let’s see how compensation is different from benefit! Compensation: Compensation is a monetary or non-monetary consideration given […]

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How to pick up an affordable Group health plan for your startup?

It’s an acknowledged fact that hiring for a start-up is a challenge that every entrepreneur’s (especially first-time ones’) headache. Attracting a settled and performing individual to leave all behind and jump ship (more like jump ship to the boat) is hard enough. Fortunately, there are means and instruments such as group health insurance in which […]

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image of What impacts your premium

What impacts your premium?

When it comes to Premium, the Indian market is very competitive compared to the world market and is driven more by prior year premium rather than claims experience. As a result, organizations/employers have a good ride, as they can pass the risk to insurance companies and enjoy a great range of benefits without getting impacted […]

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image of old woman walking - Covering Employees Parents under Group Health Insurance

Covering Employees Parents under group health insurance- 3 different cases

In the Indian scenario, only 50% of the employers include parents of the employees while covering them under Group Health Insurance. Out of this 50 % of employers who include parents, 25% of them collect premium from employees and act only as a facilitator by arranging group policy. Only 25% of employers bear the cost […]

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vector image of Structuring the group health insurance for employees

Framework for structuring the Group Health Insurance plan for your employees

Structuring a group health insurance plan for the employees needs a lot of groundwork. As any HR manager dealing with the subject quickly discovers, there is no template for designing or running the perfect employee health insurance plan. Each workplace will demand different solutions, and so-called best practices aren’t always the perfect solution for every […]

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vector image of home - Determining the Sum Insured for Property Insurance

Determining the Sum Insured for Property Insurance

It is vital to understand the operation of an insurance contract in order to look into the aspect of determining the sum insured under the policy. A contract of insurance is defined as “a contract whereby one party, called the Insurer, in consideration of premium paid by another party, called the Insured, agrees to indemnify […]

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vector image of hands and fingers - HOW TO CONTROL THE CLAIMS IN GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE

How to control the Claims in Group Health Insurance?

How to exercise claim control measures in Group Health Insurance Group Health Insurance Premiums in the Indian market are very competitive compared to the world market and have been driven more by prior year premiums rather than claims experience. As a result, organizations/employers have had a good ride, as they were able to pass the […]

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vector image of hands protecting people - Mera Naam hai Insurance and I am not an Investment

Mera Naam hai Insurance and I am not an Investment

Reasons why we ignore Insurance in India “Ignorance is bliss”, till the time it’s not- Indian culture is rich in a lot of things, but financial consciousness is not one of them. Children and young adults are educated in social do’s and don’ts, but not in matters of financial planning. All of us have seen […]

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How to structure the right employee benefits package ?

As any HR manager dealing with the subject quickly discovers, there is no template for designing or running the perfect employee benefits scheme. Each workplace will demand different solutions, and so-called best practices aren’t always the perfect solution for every employer “One size does not fit all!” The purpose of this book which is created […]

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iamge of insurance broker explaining - Do you really need a Insurance Broker for Group Health Insurance

Do you really need a Insurance Broker for Group Health Insurance ?

Finding a well-planned and comprehensive Employee Benefits Program for the employees can be a real challenge and that’s why insurance helps in designing a well-structured Benefits Program so that the right people continue to work for an organization. Furthermore, the whole customer experience in group health insurance or group mediclaim is driven by a triad […]

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vector image of Employee State Insurance CorporationEmployee State Insurance Corporation

Employee State Insurance Corporation

  Employee state insurance corporation (ESIC) is a comprehensive insurance system that safeguards the employee in situations like disability, sickness, maternity as well as in case of the demise. All the benefits administered are in line with the International labor organization. ESIC administers the ESI (Employee state insurance). Who is covered? Current coverage includes the […]

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National Pension Scheme

One of the significant changes that are taking place in relation to the retirement benefits is the introduction of the National Pension Scheme (NPS). Let’s understand further! NPS is a universal defined contribution retirement scheme, funded by employee contributions only. However, the NPS regulator has announced an option described as a payroll deduction, whereby the […]

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Which one is better to opt – Retail Health Insurance or Group Mediclaim

With the given benefits of Health Insurance and growing diseases, it’s a burning question that what is the right time for health insurance and which type is right? Noting is right or wrong it is always relative. The same is the case with Group Health Insurance and Individual Health Insurance. To answer the question of […]

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image of employees - Why This Is The Right Time For Health Insurance

Why This Is The Right Time For Health Insurance

“A stitch in time saves nine” is a most popular idiom which aptly matches to “Now insurance for health saves your wealth”. It has been paradoxical thinking that health insurance must be taken only for old people but the fact is Health Insurance should be taken by teens. It’s been thought that health insurance an […]

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image of health checkup - how to negotiate for billing without insurance

How to negotiate for billing while in hospitalization without Insurance

The commercialization of health care is a burning agenda today. Healthcare is becoming more commercial than noble these days. The study of medicine is becoming costlier so is the profession of medicine. Doctors are not leaving any stone unturned to charge patients whatever they can. There is no regulation on hospitals and hence we don’t […]

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image of employees working - Insurance Right place to build your career

Insurance – Right place to build your career

The insurance Industry is presently seeing many reforms. A recent amendment to the Insurance Act and the opening of FDI to 49% is making this sector very lucrative. The whole world is looking at India to eat the cake of Insurance. The current market penetration in Insurance is only 3% which is half of other […]

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  • What is the core difference between term insurance and health insurance? Out of the two, which is more beneficial in the long run?

    The core difference is, term insurance is to help -if you die, where as health insurance is to help you live long. Term insurance is for securing your family from financial crisis, if you die. Health insurance is to secure you and your family from financial crisis if either you or any of your family member is hospitalized. Both are very important to have. Instead of choosing one out of these 2, I suggest you to go for a super top up policy for health insurance and go for a plain term insurance atleast to a minimum of 50 Lakhs Sum Insured. You can reach us at for any help in selecting right product for lowest premium.
  • What are some good health insurance plans in India?

    Instead of just looking at buying only 1 plan with all benefits, its better to go for a combination of plans to get a cheaper cover. Most of the insurance plans offers attractive riders ( optional Covers), but there are better alternatives to get the same cover more comprehensively at cheaper price. You can follow my answer in below link for a good health insurance plan in India.Susheel Agarwal's answer to Where could I get low-cost self-employed health insurance?
  • Is there any health insurance that covers maternity without a waiting period?

    This is possible only under corporate group health insurance. Retail Health insurance does not cover health issues which are planned and certain to happen. If insurance is provided for maternity with out waiting period, every person will opt for health insurance just before maternity. Insurance companies runs on the concept of 2 or 3 incurring loss out of 100. So the collected premium should be sufficient for payment of claims incurred. If this ratio is reversed that 90 to 95 people are claiming then how will an insurance company manage to pay the claim? There are policies in market where there is a waiting period as low as 9 months. But those plans are not useful as premium is very very high.