About Ethika Insurance Broking

A new kind of insurance broker that combines technology and innovation to make Employee
Health Insurance Simple, Humane and Proactive
In other words,Employee Health Insurance that covers not only sickness
but Employee Wellbeing & Happiness too :-)

Specially suited for Small and Mid Size Companies.

Our company is 100% bootstrapped.
is what drives us, not evaluation

We don't go behind volume of business, but quality of business. Out of our 55 employees, only 3 are in the Business development function. Rest of them are in the client support function. The ratio will be inverse for most of our peers. Even those 3 engage with clients only when we get the exclusive mandate from the client. That frees top management to focus on innovation. And that resulted in making our services so remarkable that clients can’t resist having us onboard.

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We are an
Employee Happiness Centric Company.
Our clients are our ambassadors.

We have a 97% client retention rate which is probably the highest in the insurance industry.
Our clients happily refer us to at least 1 other client every two years on an average.
For the same turnover, our competitors will need at least 2 times as many people as we have.

This is a result of our team’s hard work to keep our clients happy.
And we work hard to keep our employees happy.
The business is the result of this.

We love unlearning and Relearning.
Here there is no competition.

From the beginning we have focused on giving all our employees access to expert psychologists, doctors, and insurance workshops.

As a result, they learned how to solve personal issues more effectively and could concentrate on their work.

They solve client issues with lot more empathy and proactiveness. And that made a big difference in the way we do business. And you can feel it by just making a call to any of our team members.

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Honesty is still the best policy for us.
Business or ethics, we choose ethics every time.

There is a basic premise in the insurance industry: "utmost good faith".
However, it is rare to see it being practiced.

As a company, we still practice it because honesty is ingrained in our DNA. Hence the name Ethika!

We are not just another Company.
We are a Movement.

Think about what will happen if 10,000 small or mid size companies use the Employee Health Insurance program not only to provide financial assistance to their employees when they fall sick, but also to prevent them from falling ill in the first place.
To keep them healthy.
To make them happier.
We will have at least 30 lacs happier families.
That's what we're striving for.
This is our bigger purpose.
To make a happier India.

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Introducing Founder & CEO   

CEO of Ethika Insurance Broking & Happiness Coach Susheel Agarwal

Hello, I'm Susheel Agarwal. I appreciate you visiting us.

At 33 I was an average employee working in a highly competitive corporate.
I was earning a salary that I always dreamt of during my college days.
But I wasn't happy.
I felt something was missing.
There was a void inside me.
That led me to quit my corporate job and start an insurance broking company.
I realized then that the void was not due to my job but the absence of happiness at the job.
I made it a priority to seek happiness in whatever I do.
Now at 40 I am owning a reputed Insurance Broking Company valued over 10 million dollars.
100% boot strapped.
Profitable from day 1.
Driven by a team of over 50 passionate people.
Serving over 300 Clients who are our Sales Ambassadors.
Surprisingly, I have more time now than ever before to do work that keeps me happy.
One day something remarkable happened.
Tupperware, one of our clients, invited me to talk about how I became a successful entrepreneur and how our team is so passionate.
In that conversation, I realized that nothing I achieved was due to exceptional intelligence or good fortune. It was possible because I inspired my team members to find happiness at work.
That realisation gave birth to a new idea and a bigger purpose for my life.
What if we thought of employee health insurance not just as a tool for managing sickness, but as a tool for preventing it in the first place?
We will have less sickness.
More healthy and productive employees.
Infact a happier India.
Thats how the “Employee Happiness Insurance” was developed.
I invite you to be part of our journey, and I guarantee that your employees will “thank you” for choosing us.

Let me Introduce you to our Leadership Team

This is Sarath.
It is rare for someone to leave a well-paying job by simply trusting some individual. He joined me before we even knew that we would be forming a company. In an airplane, he prefers the middle seat. By the time the plane lands, both of the passengers beside him will become his lifelong friends. He is currently heading the entire new business expansion initiatives of Ethika.

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Founding Director

Sandeep Founding Director Vector Image

Founding Director

This is Sandeep.
People spent years in the Himalayas to become monks.
He is a monk by default. He can work in peace even in high pressure environments.Without his excellent execution skills, our innovative solutions would have remained just prototypes.
He heads the entire Operations of Ethika.

She is Navaneetha.
She is our very own Super Woman.
She has the art of spreading her happiness across all our clients.
Our clients vouch for her service.
Mother of two daughters made her more stronger in keeping our clients happier.

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Client Happiness

Deepa Client Happiness Director Vector Image

Client Happiness

She is Deepa.
One more Superwoman.
She treats all her clients like her own baby.
She says she cooks very well, but we can't vouch for it as we never got the chance to taste it.
But all our clients vouch for her service.

He is Rajendra Prasad.
It was an arranged marriage between him and Ethika.
He always wanted to devote his life to a spiritual journey and never viewed the Health Insurance Industry as a means of fulfilling his purpose. However, as soon as he discovered the joy of helping others during times when they were in need, he never looked back.He says, "It is spirituality in its true sense.". Today, he is in charge of a claims team that handles 20 claims daily.

Rajendra Prasad Operations ​Head Vector Image

Operations ​Head

Suresh J Underwriting Non EB Vector Image

Underwriting Non EB

Suresh J
Suresh has donned many caps - he's been an Underwriter, Claims Manager, Regional Manager (Bancassurance), Branch Head (Retail & Corporate), State Head (Corporate Sales). Phew!! the list is long...so is his career, He spent 15 long years in the insurance industry, and still counting. Our clients vouch for his Commitment, diligence and honesty, all of which fall under the ethics of Ethika. A philanthropist at heart, an avid Yoga & Meditation practitioner, and a favourite with children, thats Suresh for you.

She is our perfectionist. She understands health insurance like a teacher understands her students. She will not let any fineprint in any policy escape her attention to detail.

Sowjanya Underwriting EB Vector Image

Underwriting EB

IT Department

He is Suresh Dasari.
When he takes you out for lunch, it means he wants to discuss another new idea, to solve your business problems with his technology expertise. He has built a team because of which we could add one more feather to our cap “Automation” The rare combination of technology passion and business savvy.

Macha Prashanth
Meet Prashanth Macha, a skilled operations professional with a passion for managing client activities and resolving operational issues. With his exceptional personality and ability to effectively communicate with clients of all types, Prashanth is a valuable asset to any team.
As an expert in day-to-day operations, Prashanth excels in coordinating with clients, insurers, and third parties to ensure smooth and efficient processes. He is dedicated to delivering outstanding results and is committed to providing top-notch service to each and every client.

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Operations Manager

Swapnil Wankhede Vector Image

Asst. VP-Products

He is Swapnil Wankhede.
Swapnil is a vibes guy. He relies on most of his big decisions based on how he feels about those. That is how he married and that is how he joined Ethika. Two of the most important decisions of his life.
A human resource guy by education, he has headed the HR function at Fortis Healthcare. He has also spent a decade with a public sector general insurer handling underwriting, relationship and product management. A connoisseur of words he is equally at ease with the jargon laden industry that he calls home now. An early adopter of technology, he took to Ethika like a fish to water. At Ethika, he is in charge of the products vertical. We have entrusted him with the responsibility of improving product efficiencies at every touch point.

And here are our upcoming leaders.

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What our Team has to say about Ethika

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