About Ethika Insurance Broking

A new kind of insurance broker that combines technology and innovation to make Employee
Health Insurance Simple, Humane and Proactive
In other words,Employee Health Insurance that covers not only sickness
but Employee Wellbeing & Happiness too :-)

Specially suited for Small and Mid Size Companies.

Our Super Human Tales

The Only Property I had made out of my earned money.

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I walked to a VC who insulted me and gave me free advice about returning to work. I reached out to some of my relatives who could have supported me financially, but they felt proud in discouraging me & sent me back with some advice.

I felt helpless but not hopeless.

I returned to my home, the place where everyone's day ends.

At that time, I was married and we had a son, who had just started walking and running around.

Everyone said, "entrepreneurship is a risk at this stage, You are a 33 years old married Man".

I had already left the job. I discussed the situation & financial crisis with Shradhha, my wife. She happily offered me her Jewellery to sell and get the money but that was not enough for starting an insurance business. We needed more.

In the end, we decided to sell our house after a few sleepless nights and tears in our eyes. We sold it, The house where everyone returns at the end of the day.

We became renters in our own city and started the business in one room of my rented flat. Today, we have 500+ B2B clients trusting their health insurance with Ethika.

Those days were challenging yet satisfying. From being a "non-productive insurance employee" I became a bootstrapped entrepreneur.

Age is nothing more than a number. You can become whatever you want.

Alice may or may not find her wonderland following her heart but you'll surely find a place Where you always meant to be.

I still don't own a house but I do own a family & guess what, Our Creation, Ethika Insurance Broking Private Limited.is running all of our houses.