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A new kind of insurance broker that combines technology and innovation to make Employee
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In other words,Employee Health Insurance that covers not only sickness
but Employee Wellbeing & Happiness too :-)

Specially suited for Small and Mid Size Companies.

Our Super Human Tales

Behind Every Triumph:
Celebrating the Unseen Support in Entrepreneurship

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Sudhamurthy's recent speech on the role of wives in the lives of budding entrepreneurs struck a deep chord within me. It made me ponder how, behind every entrepreneurs' triumphs, there's an uncelebrated hero who plays an indispensable role in the background. Our wives, partners, and better halves become the silent architects of our accomplishments.

In the realm of #entrepreneurship, we often applaud the triumphs, the milestones, and the accolades. Yet, let's not forget the silent moments – the times when we've weathered storms, faced uncertainties, and pushed our limits.

It's in those moments that our better halves stand by us as pillars of strength, offering a listening ear, unwavering encouragement, and a comforting presence.

Today, as I glance back at the milestones we've achieved, I am filled with gratitude for the unwavering support of my better half.

To all the wonderful women who stand beside entrepreneurs, your influence is immeasurable, your sacrifices invaluable, and your role unparalleled. And as I reminisce about our early days, I am reminded of a vibrant young couple (in the picture here), brimming with dreams and aspirations. It's a testament to the journey we embarked upon together, supporting each other through thick and thin.

To my better half – you are not just my partner; you are my compass, my confidant, and my constant source of inspiration. Here's to the incredible journey we've embarked upon, hand in hand.