About Ethika Insurance Broking

A new kind of insurance broker that combines technology and innovation to make Employee
Health Insurance Simple, Humane and Proactive
In other words,Employee Health Insurance that covers not only sickness
but Employee Wellbeing & Happiness too :-)

Specially suited for Small and Mid Size Companies.

Our Super Human Tales

True grit and determination can indeed power your being through any circumstance.

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Ramsardar comes from an extremely humble family. He could have chosen to take refuge in the crutches of circumstances, and lead a less than ordinary life. But Ram was determined. He took responsibility for his life.

Ram chose education as his weapon against circumstances. He was always passionate about films and therefore chose to graduate in fine arts.

While most of his course mates kept crying about how little pocket money they got, Ram had already started making films. Ram’s first film was on a borrowed phone. The only actor he could afford was his grandfather.

At the tender age of 17, Ram incorporated ‘Dim Light Creations’, his own production house and launched a YouTube channel. Dim Light might be no YRF, but it can definitely give YRF a run for its money, when it comes to novelty & creativity.

Today at 21, Ram has directed 25 short films, 18 of which have been on mobile. While all his films have garnered some awards, Ram is particularly proud of ‘One Life’ which won him an Outstanding Participation Award at a Short Film Festival held in Los Angeles in 2020.

Representation of Bootstrapped Innovation Vector Image - About US