Care Health Insurance

Key Features

Claim Settlement Ratio 92.30%

Claim Settlement Facility 100%

Network Hospitals 8350

Renewability 100%

COVID-19 Cover Yes

Incurred Claim Ratio 55%

Care Health Insurance Plans

Care health insurance has different health insurance plans in addition to the travel insurance as well as personal accident insurance plans. Care health insurance caters to different groups of customers such as individuals, corporates, micro etc.

Care health insurance for Family & Individual

Care health insurance for family and individuals is a health insurance plan that covers the hospitalization expenses and offers other benefits such as no claim bonus, automatic reinstatement of sum insured etc. The minimum sum insured is Rs.5 Lakhs and the maximum sum insured is Rs.6 Crore.

Care Classic

Care classic is a zone- based health insurance plan with affordable premiums based on the city of your residence. There are 3 zones in this according to which the premium is charged. Zone A,B & C with Zone A being the high premium zone and Zone C being the low premium zone. The minimum sum insured is Rs.5 Lakhs and the maximum sum insured is Rs.15 lakhs.

Care Super Top Up

Care super top up health insurance policy is an additional coverage to the standard health insurance policy. It enhances the existing health cover with an increase in sum insured to provide security against unexpected high hospital bills. The minimum sum insured is Rs.1 Lakhs and the maximum sum insured is Rs.30 lakhs. The minimum deductible sum insured is Rs.1 Lakhs and the maximum deductible sum insured is Rs.10 lakhs.

Care Senior Health Advantage

Care Senior health advantage plan is a health insurance plan designed to cover the senior citizens over and above 61 years with a minimum pre-existing waiting period of 2 years. There are only 2 sum insured options in this plan i.e.Rs.5 Lakhs & Rs.10 Lakhs.

Care For 45+

Care for 45+ is health insurance for middle aged people who are above 45 years. The policy is designed keeping in mind the health insurance requirements of middle aged people. The minimum sum insured is Rs.5 Lakhs and the maximum sum insured is Rs.10 lakhs


Joy is a maternity health insurance plan designed to cover the medical expenses of expecting mothers and their new born child. The plan is offered in two variants Joy Today and Joy Tomorrow with a difference in maternity waiting period. Joy today has a waiting period of 9 months whereas Joy tomorrow has a waiting period of 24 months.

Youth Health Insurance Plan

Care youth health insurance plan is a plan designed specially for the youth such as first time jobbers, young entrepreneurs etc. The plan also offers an early bird discount and is offered in 3 sum insured variants Rs.3L, Rs.5L/7L & Rs.10L/25L. This health insurance plan also includes the personal accident plan.

Care Freedom

Care freedom is a health insurance plan for patients with diabetes, high BP and High BMI. The policy provides coverage against the most common lifestyle diseases without any pre-policy medical checkup.

Cancer Insurance

Care Cancer Insurance is a medical cover offering financial and healthcare protection against major cancer related treatment expenses at all stages.

Care Heart

Care Heart is a health insurance policy that covers the medical expenses in case of cardiac ailment or if you have undergone surgery in the past. The policy also covers the pre existing heart illness.