Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Key Features

Claim Settlement Ratio 98.48%

Claim Settlement Facility 100%

Network Hospitals 6500

Renewability 100%

COVID-19 Cover Yes

Incurred Claim Ratio 77.31%

Bajaj Allianz Health insurance plans

Individual Health Insurance plan

The individual health insurance plan is designed to cover the individuals and their family members in case of a medical emergency. The policy offers a maximum sum insured of up to ₹1 Crore.

Family health insurance

The family health insurance plan covers all the members of the family with a single or different sum insured. Family includes self,spouse and dependent children.

International health insurance

The plan covers the hospitalization expenses when a person is travelling overseas and meets with an accident or illness. The policy may come in handy when the travel insurance cover is not sufficient when you are in a foreign country. An international health insurance offers comprehensive health care both domestically and abroad during the policy period. Cashless claim settlement facility can be availed abroad with International health care service providers.

Health Infinity plan

This is an indemnity health insurance plan without any limit on the sum insured. The plan operates on the basis of the per day room rent which forms the basis for sum insured. The co-payment would be applicable on the claim approved amount exceeding 100 times of the room rent limit and not on the complete claim.

Extra Care plus Top up plan

The plan covers the Medicare bills over and above the base sum health insurance plan. The plan would come into force once the aggregate deductible is met. The plan is usually taken to extend the health insurance coverage for the existing health insurance plan.

Criti care policy

The policy covers a wide range of critical illnesses segregated into 5 broad categories viz, Cancer care, Cardiovascular care, Kidney care, Neuro care, Transplants care and Sensory organ care. Different sum insured can be opted for the different categories with the maximum per member sum insured being ₹2 Crore.

Global Personal Guard

The policy provides extensive worldwide coverage against death, permanent total disability, permanent Partial disability and any other injuries caused due to an accident. The policy also provides for expenses incurred for lifestyle modification after an accidental injury. The maximum sum insured under the policy is ₹25 Crores which is decided on your annual income.

Senior Citizen Health insurance

The policy is specifically designed for senior citizens with a maximum entry Age up to 70 years. The policy also provides an option to waive the co-payment. The pre-existing illnesses would be covered after a waiting period of 1 year.

M-care health insurance policy

The policy covers the hospitalization expenses incurred as a result of vector borne disease arising out of mosquitoes. The policy covers specific mosquito borne diseases such as Dengue fever, Malaria, Chikungunya, Zika Virus etc. A discount of 20% would be provided if you buy the policy from the insurers website. The policy requires the insured to be admitted to a hospital for at least 24 hours as an inpatient.