United India Insurance Company

Key Features

Claim Settlement Ratio 78.03%

Renewability 100%

Claim Settlement Facility 100%

COVID-19 Cover Yes

Network Hospitals 7000

Incurred Claim Ratio 110.51%

Ways to reduce the United India health insurance premium:

Co-payment: The premium under the United India health insurance can be reduced by opting for the copayment. There would be voluntary copay and compulsory copay under the policy. The voluntary copay can reduce the premium payment by the insured customer. Higher the level of copay, lower would be the premium to be paid under the health insurance policy.

Zone premium: If you would get treated only in your city of residence which is a tier 2 city then the premium can be paid accordingly. The premium for Zone 2 & 3 would be lower than that of Tier 1. This should be opted only when the treatment would be taken in the tier same or lower than for which the premium is paid.

No claim bonus: The no claim bonus is the increase in the sum insured that would be available to the customers if they do not make a claim during the previous policy period. The no claim bonus would be given in the form of sum insured addition. No claim bonus would be a percentage of the sum insured which would be increased every claim free year up to a certain limit. The no claim bonus increases the sum insured at the same premium payable.