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The Importance of EAP-Mental Health Counseling in Indian Workplaces

The Importance of EAP-Mental Health Counseling in Indian Workplaces

In the fast-paced and competitive work environment of India, where employees often spend extended hours at their workplace, the importance of mental health support cannot be overstated. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that include mental health counselling are essential for maintaining a healthy, productive, and harmonious workplace. Let’s explores the significance of EAP-Mental Health Counseling, backed […]

Navigating Life’s Waters with EAP: What Can You Share?

Navigating Life’s Waters with EAP: What Can You Share?

Navigating life’s unpredictable journey presents challenges ranging from stormy weather to sunlit horizons. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), like those offered by Ethika Insurance Broking, act as reliable lifebuoys, providing a secure harbor for individuals to address a myriad of concerns openly. The Significance of EAPs in Addressing Various Facets of Our Lives Are:- 1. Stress […]

Marriage Leave Policy in India

Marriage Leave Policy in India – 2023

Marriage leave is a type of leave granted by employers to their employees on the occasion of their marriage. Typically, marriage leave is taken from the employees’ balance of casual or earned leaves. Employees can take marriage leave for up to 15 days with prior approval from their immediate supervisor and HR. It’s important to […]

Maternity Leaves Rules in India - 2023

Maternity Leaves Rules in India – 2023

Maternity Benefit Act, 1961: In 1961, the Maternity Benefit Act came into effect. It aimed to regulate the employment of working women for a specified period, including the time before and after childbirth. The act also provided for certain benefits such as maternity and others. This act is valid throughout India and applies to any […]

Various Leave Rules in India - Difference Between CL, EL, PL & Other Leaves

Various Leave Rules in India – Difference Between CL, EL, PL & Other Leaves

Leaves are the time offs given to the employees working in an organization. Employees were sometimes required to work 24/7, leading them to become exhausted physically and mentally and leading them down a path toward decreased productivity. Employees had to lose their wages if they needed to go on leave for any reason. Because of […]

Creative Employee Recognition Ideas for 2023 - The Ultimate List

Creative Employee Recognition Ideas for 2023 – The Ultimate List

Employee recognition is the appropriate cognisance of an employee’s contributions that improve an organisation’s business. Recognising employees is an important part of human resources development as it would improve the performance and productivity of the employees. Employees are usually recognised when they achieve their goals or over-achieve the goals set by their organisation. Employee recognition […]

5 Super Useful Work from Home Exercises for Employees

5 Super Useful Work From Home Exercises for Employees in 2023

Exercise should be part of our everyday lives and should never be overlooked. The impactful presence of regular physical exercise must be considered. There have been negligible moments in our daily life due to the work-from-home scenarios, leading to several non-communicable diseases. To avoid this, employees working from home or office can practice these simple […]

Virtual Office Games for Fun Friday in 2023

Virtual Office Games for Fun Friday in 2023

Fun Friday games would involve employees of all levels but could also help a few who suffer from stage anxiety or introversion overcome their fears. Most employees are also their peers, so they would feel more at ease participating in such events. It would be hard for introverted employees to join these games, as they’re […]

Indoor Office Games Ideas in 2023

Indoor Office Games Ideas in 2023

Indoor office games are those games that are played and held indoors where the employees would participate in the games without the need to go outside. Due to the lockdown and work-from-home culture, all the activities are indoors in the office. This stresses the need for indoor office game ideas for Holi in 2023. Employees […]

Virtual Holi Celebration Ideas

Virtual Holi Celebration Ideas in 2023

Need for Virtual Celebrations: One of the most significant Hindu festivals is Holi, celebrated in India. Holi is celebrated to commemorate the win of Good over Evil from the Hindu scriptures. The same can be applied in corporates where Employees are expected to perform well and prevent greed and other negative things from spoiling their […]

What is Employee Engagement? Free Employee Engagement Program - Employee Wellness Program

Employee Engagement in 2023 with Free Employee Wellness Programs

Employee engagement is the degree to which an employee feels a bond or connection to his or her organization and is actively engaged in work.

salary negotiation with HR - vector image of 2 employees sitting on table and discussing

Salary Negotiations with HR: How Do You Do It?

Salary negotiations with HR are an important part of every employee joining a new organization. Salary consists of many components such as Net salary, Gross salary, Variable salary, Allowances, etc. This article mentions all the tricks that can be applied at the time of negotiating a salary with HR.

dating policy for employees - workplace dating policy | vector image showing couples standing in romantic mode behind has policies board.

Does Every Organization Need a Dating Policy?

Many organizations in India have a strict workplace dating policy. Employees must notify HR immediately if they are in a relationship, and HR will take the next steps in accordance with the company’s guidelines. Employers are free to legally adopt dating policies that would prohibit the dating of employees.

Fun Office Games - peers standing with games

Play These 10 Quick Fun Office Games for Team Building in 2023

Office fun games can be carroms or chess or any other indoor and outdoor games to improve the team building. Truth or dare game involves rotating a wheel and the person has to select one option from truth or dare.

Employee Engagement Slack App - Group of People chatting together

The 10 Best Slack Apps for Employee Engagement You Didn’t Know About

The employee engagement is a concept which is still in practice in the industry and research shows that more than 90% of the engaged employees perform better.

skill gaps in workforce - vector image of a guy jumping between gap

What is the best way to identify skill gaps in your workforce?

Skill gap analysis can be conducted at an individual level as well as at a company level. It allows the organization to identify where the gap exists and work on it.

underperforming employees - vector image having a guy carrying some big thing

Underperforming Employees: How to Handle Them?

Underperforming employees is a major concern for any organization as it impacts its growth and development. Employee underperformance needs to be given special care so that his/her performance would be improved.

Career Tips for Employees - Vector image of people walking on the row drawn by hand

The 10 Best Career Tips for Your Employees

The best career tip you can give to your employees is to focus on their health and maintain the health in the best condition. Dedicate office time for work only and not to carry the work to home.

Fun Friday Games -Vector Graphic Employees are standing together having puzzle board

Here are 8 Fun Friday Games You Can Play with your Employees

Friday games are a great way to increase the employee participation and bonding between the employees. Employees can be grouped together or can be asked to play on an individual level for this activity. The other best game for fun Friday is to conduct a Mini Olympics with indoor sports such as Chess or Carroms.

variable pay - vector graphic two employees taking their hand up to take money

The Best Ways to Get Employees Excited About Variable Pay

Variable pay is paid in different ways and there are different methods of calculating it. Employees would be excited to join an organization that has a good variable pay structure

ways to motivate employees - vector graphic is showing office man is walking upwards

The 5 Best Ways to Motivate Employees Under Adverse Conditions

The best way to get employees excited about work is to offer them the motivation to work. Variable pay should be designed in such a way that the employees feel that they have a chance of achieving it.