Virtual Office Games for Fun Friday in 2023


Virtual Office Games for Fun Friday in 2023

Fun Friday games would involve employees of all levels but could also help a few who suffer from stage anxiety or introversion overcome their fears. Most employees are also their peers, so they would feel more at ease participating in such events. It would be hard for introverted employees to join these games, as they’re less social than extroverts and tend to restrict their circle of friends. It is important to remember that fun Friday games should be voluntary, and employees should be encouraged to participate but not forced on the employees. If these activities are forced on the employees, the basic essence of willful participation would be violated, making it a mundane task.

Here are Few Virtual Office Game for Fun Friday to Enhance Employee Engagement.

Virtual Telling a Story:

The game can be done in the workplace on Fridays. In this game, one employee is asked to share a funny story. This can include an interesting story, from a life experience to a hilarious incident, or even merely describing their daily life. They are most interesting if the stories come from their everyday life. The humor of a few employees can be used to create an enjoyable environment. This activity would allow them to show their talent at the perfect time.

Virtual Dumb Charades:

In almost all companies, this game is popular. Employees are split into teams; each team has a representative given a film, plant, etc., name by the judge. Participants must communicate the movie name by playing dumb. A group is given a timeframe to correctly guess the movie name to earn points. Repeating the process, it will be intriguing to see if employees want to play. Even introverted employees can be encouraged to speak up by this type of game.

Treasure Hunt:

Treasure hunt is another popular game in many organizations. Employees are given hints on how to find a hidden treasure. The employee who gets the clues correctly wins the game and reaches the treasure’s location first. The game can be played both individually and in groups. The group game is designed to encourage employees to work together and win the game.

Virtual Blind Drawing:

Blind drawing is another popular game that involves drawing with your eyes bound on a piece of paper. The participants will then be blindfolded and given a blank board to sketch what they have seen in the past. Most participants draw funny things, and then the group helps them to draw them correctly. The game will be engaging and fun for the staff. Employees would be asked to draw something virtually in the paint application or any other application that suits them. The best one would be selected by the judge based on certain criteria.

Virtual Bingo:

One of the most well-known games in the workplace is bingo. It involves the crossing of numbers. Each time the host announces a new number, everyone with that number should mark it on their paper. Winner is the participant who successfully crosses all the numbers. The game has a lot of interest and can be played individually or in groups.

Whose the Baby Here?:

The other best game for a fun Friday is Whose the baby here? Game. The employees are asked to identify the childhood photo by guessing the name. The first person who guesses it correctly wins the prize. You would be surprised to see the changes in people over time. It is also surprising that people look the same after all these years.

Virtual Truth or Dare:

A wheel is spun, and the person who stops at that point has to choose either truth or a dare. Participants who choose the truth must tell a personal truth that nobody knows. Those choosing to dare must complete a dangerous activity suggested by their fellow participants. It would reveal many things that were unknown about each employee. The game is to be played carefully. Otherwise, it may hurt many company employees and ruin Fun Friday.

Holding the Spoon:

Holding the spoon is one of the famous things that can be played virtually as well as in the office. In this game, the participants would be asked to get a spoon and a lemon or something to place on the spoon. There can even be water in the spoon while playing the game. Employees would be asked to walk around the room by holding a spoon of water or lemon in their mouth. The employees could play the game without dropping the water or lemon from the spoon. The winner would be the one who can hold the lemon in the spoon without dropping it for more time.

Imitation Game:

The best game for virtual office employees for fun Friday is the imitation game. One participant would be asked to imitate any personality of their choice. The imitation should be comical and not hurt the feelings of any employees. This was the most enjoyable moment for the participants as they would imitate their colleagues and managers. The imitation game would bring out talent among the employees. Imitation can be with expressions or voices or dialogues, or actions.

Story Teller:

Storytelling is an art; only a few excel in it. Storytelling can be the best fun Friday game for your organization. It can be conducted virtually or in the office also. In this game, the participants would be asked to narrate a story or a joke to the viewers, which is interesting. The participants can also narrate a poem or pose a brain teaser to the audience, and the one who solves the maximum number of questions will be declared the winner. This would be interesting as employees enthusiastically participate and try to win the rewards. This audience can also be grouped so that the employees’ participation would increase.

Pictionary Games:

Pictinary games are those in which the participant would draw an image and ask others to guess the name of the image. Scribbles is a famous game in which any number of employees can participate. Employees would scribble some images on the screen and other participants had to guess the name of the image. It would be fun to see the images being drawn by the participants and the answers that would appear subsequently. It is a game that employees enjoy because it can be played for an extended period. The employee who correctly guesses most images will be declared the winner.

Virtual Quiz:

The other best game for a fun Friday in virtual mode is the online quiz. This can be conducted for newly joined employees as it would be helpful to test their knowledge of the organization. The quiz consists of general questions regarding the organization and the surroundings, such as the meeting rooms, pantry, etc. The quiz can test the participants’ knowledge regarding their organization and their roles in the organization. The quiz can also be conducted in groups with 2-3 employees.

Organizations can plan Friday mini-games such as a storytelling session, charades for idiots, blind draws, bingo games, guess who is here, truth and dare or a treasure hunt. Employees would feel stressed out from the Monday-Friday workload and need time to unwind.

The culture of Friday fun games is slowly absorbed into Indian culture. At the same time, other countries also take up the fun culture. The Fun Friday games have a different version in each country. The primary purpose of these games is to relieve the employees’ stress and develop team bonding. Happy employees produce the most productivity, which is beneficial to any company. To keep employees satisfied, companies will do anything to make them happy.

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