Virtual Holi Celebration Ideas in 2023


Virtual Holi Celebration Ideas

Need for Virtual Celebrations:

One of the most significant Hindu festivals is Holi, celebrated in India. Holi is celebrated to commemorate the win of Good over Evil from the Hindu scriptures. The same can be applied in corporates where Employees are expected to perform well and prevent greed and other negative things from spoiling their efforts towards achieving the greater good. Virtual Holi Celebration in corporate culture is to remember that good will triumph over evil at any time and it is important to kill the evil in ourselves to bring out the good deeds.

Since 2020, all the celebrations have been done virtually due to Corona-related lockdowns and the further work-from-home option given by the companies to their employees. Virtual holi celebration ideas for office for 2023 are those in which the essence of holi can be preserved and employed can also be engaged. After the covid lockdown and subsequent upgrades, people are confined mostly to their homes and are working from home. The team culture and the sense of belongingness are being reduced due to the work-from-home, which could otherwise be retained had there been work from the office where employees would meet and work together.

To keep the employees motivated and simultaneously maintain team bonding, it is preferred to celebrate holi virtually. Certain good ideas include virtual bingo, virtual dance, blindfold challenge, live musical concert, etc. Holi celebration mail to the employees can be sent by the HR team of the organization, encouraging participation from the employees. Employees can include their family members in the virtual holi celebrations.

Virtual Office Games for Holi:

To maintain the bonding among the employees and remove the boredom of work from home, organizations conduct virtual games from time to time and holi is one of the best times to conduct such activities. Below are the virtual office games for holi that can be conducted to increase participation from the employees:

  1. Online Rangoli: The best online game for holi is Online rangoli or art contests. This activity can be conducted with employees and colleagues. Employees can be asked to design their art virtually, which can be shared with the organizing team. Once all the employees complete their virtual art, they can be shared with the organizing committee who will decide on the best rangoli and select them as the winner. Employees can also be asked to send their colleagues and family the rangoli cards. Family members of the employees can be asked to participate in the process to increase engagement.
  1. Virtual Rangtrakshari: The other best virtual holi idea is to play online antakshari with colors known as rangtrakshari. The advantage of this game is that people can play in teams while being online and it would be very interesting to see one team trying to beat the other team to score maximum points. The team that could sing holi related songs would be the winner. Employees can even be asked to appear in holi dress to the event which would cheer up the other employees and the overall play area would be lighted up with joy.
  1. Online Dance: Online dance is the best virtual game for this holi in 2023, where people from different places can join online and participants can be asked to dance. Viewers could encourage the participants with claps and by sending them virtual greetings. Participants can dress up in traditional Holi attire and dance in front of their colleagues. This game can be extended to the family members of the employees and it would be the best platform to showcase their skills. The participant’s children would be more interested in performing for these events and would be appealing to the online audience.
  1. Online treasure hunt: Online treasure hunt is another virtual holi celebration idea in which participants can share a holi throwback photo or a selfie with any pets. If the employees’ families were also a part of the scavenger hunt, it would be a fun game. Online treasure hunt games can include sudoku and other brain teaser games which would lead to excitement among the participants. Employees can be grouped together or can work on an individual basis to solve the brain teasers and earn the reward. 
  1. Virtual Holi: Holi would not be complete without playing virtual holi for people working from home. In virtual holi employees can be asked to wear traditional dresses and play holi with their family members and also post those pictures with their colleagues. The best and funny picture would win the reward. Employees can also change their backgrounds on the online meetings to Holi colors which would make the atmosphere joyful to all the employees.

Holi Celebration Ideas 2023:

Holi celebration ideas 2023 are the ideas that would encourage employees to participate in virtual holi. Offline holi ideas can be that employees should be encouraged to draw rangoli in the office designated spaces as well as prepare rangoli on their desks with flowers or any other items. This activity would bring out creativity among the employees. Participants can be asked to form a group, design the rangoli, and fill it with colors. This would encourage employees to work in a team and team building would be done.

This would act as the perfect opportunity for the employees to showcase their talents and thereby earn rewards and recognition from the management. After the rangoli is done someone from the office can be the chief guest to decide on the best rangoli. The team which designs a creative rangoli can be selected as the winner and rewarded accordingly. After the rangoli contest employees can participate in lunch together, again increasing the team cohesion.

Virtual holi celebrations are gaining traction among corporates as employees work from home and lose touch with team cohesion. The cohesion of the team and employee loyalty to the company would grow due to these activities.

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