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5 Super Useful Work from Home Exercises for Employees

5 Super Useful Work From Home Exercises for Employees in 2023

Exercise should be part of our everyday lives and should never be overlooked. The impactful presence of regular physical exercise must be considered. There have been negligible moments in our daily life due to the work-from-home scenarios, leading to several non-communicable diseases. To avoid this, employees working from home or office can practice these simple […]

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Virtual Holi Celebration Ideas

Virtual Holi Celebration Ideas in 2023

Need for Virtual Celebrations: One of the most significant Hindu festivals is Holi, celebrated in India. Holi is celebrated to commemorate the win of Good over Evil from the Hindu scriptures. The same can be applied in corporates where Employees are expected to perform well and prevent greed and other negative things from spoiling their […]

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