Play These 10 Quick Fun Office Games for Team Building in 2023


Office fun games can be carroms or chess or any other indoor and outdoor games to improve the team building. Truth or dare game involves rotating a wheel and the person has to select one option from truth or dare.

Fun Office Games - peers standing with games

This post consists of Ideas for quick office fun games that can be played in workplaces.

The fun office games at work such as solving a puzzle, complimenting circle, brainstorming, team games, scavenger hunt, blindfolded drawing, etc. increase team coordination.

The indoor corporate team building games increase the number of things that can be done to improve social relationships, which in turn assists teams in defining their roles.

Team building games in office can improve togetherness among the employees and help them look out for each other. 

Teamwork can be improved with all the quick fun office games in which any number of employees can participate. These safety games at work also help to develop the relationships between the employees, superior-subordinate relations, peer-to-peer relations, etc. 

Teamwork can be improved with all the fun office games in which any number of employees can participate. These fun office games also help to develop the relationships between the employees, superior-subordinate relations, peer-to-peer relations, etc. eam building games in office for work related activities and might have certain differences, and these differences can be removed by engaging them in fun office games involving teamwork.

Team fun Friday games for offices are increasingly popular these days, as many organizations are including some sort of game in their offices.

Organizations prefer fun office games for employees due to space, time, and resource constraints, such as the following:

Solve a puzzle:

Solve a Puzzle - Office Fun Games | Vector Image of employees playing with cardboard

The common and easy team building games indoor is “Solve a puzzle,” in which the participants are given a puzzle and the team has to solve the puzzle within the shortest possible time.

The team that solved the puzzle first would be declared the winner and could get prizes for playing games at work.

How to play?

  1. This activity requires people to work in a team as there would be more minds thinking on the puzzle.
  2. The activity can be done within the office premises and requires minimum effort.


  1. This game might also lead to conflict among the team members but at the same time, there would be leaders emerging to resolve the conflicts. 

Complimenting Circle:

Complimenting Circle Scaled - Office Fun Games | Vector image of a person standing among the group giving him thumbsup

The complimenting circle is a game where employees give each other compliments on any topic they want.

How to play?

1. Employees would sit in a circle and one employee would complement the other.

For example, team leaders can compliment teammates on their work and many other things.


  1. This would give a positive boost to the employee on the receiving end. Employees who are shy about giving compliments to others can use this time to tell their coworkers how they feel.
  2. This activity encourages employees to express appreciation for one another and develops team building among the employees. It is important to note that compliments are intended to boost employees and not hurt their feelings. 

Brainstorming session:

Brainstorming Ideas Scaled - Office Fun Games | Vector image of a people sitting and standing next to each other

Another enjoyable office team building activity is a brainstorming session.

How to Play?

  1. Employees are asked to present their ideas and then discuss them.


  1. In this activity, employees can also talk about their problems and the possible solutions that could be used to solve them.
  2. Employees can be given an idea board in which they would be asked to come up with ideas for a certain problem and everyone would sit and discuss the feasibility of the idea. 

Boast your achievements:

Boast your achievements - Vector Image of People offering thigns to each other

The other team building game in office is to boast the achievements of the employees.

How to Play?

Employees can be asked to boast about their achievements in a group.


  1. This could boost the morale of the employees and in the process can encourage other employees.
  2. It would be interesting if the employees can mention their colleagues’ names if any in their achievements which would have a positive effect on the employees as recognition is the best form of motivation and team building among the employees. 

Team Games:

Team Games - Office Fun Games | Vector Image of People sitting in the office

The other team-building activity is to play indoor games that involve teams in the office to improve team building. The team games can be carroms or chess or any other indoor and outdoor games that would increase team building in the organization. 

Truth or Dare:

Truth or Dare - Office Fun Games | Vector Image of People having board

How to play?

  1. The truth or dare game involves rotating a wheel, and wherever it stops, that person has to select one option from truth or dare.
  2. If the participant selects truth then he has to say the truth about himself which no one knows, and if the participant selects dare he /she has to do a daring activity given by the other members.


  1. The game would bring out many confessions and many unknown things about the employees.

Blindfolded drawing:

BlindFolded Drawing - Office Fun Games | Vector Image of person drawing with blind fold on eyes

The most commonly used game for team building is the blindfolded drawing in which one participant from a team would come forward and draw on a board with a blindfold. The other teammates would be encouraging the employee to draw correctly by working together in a team.

How to play?

  1. Team members would be giving directions to their participants on how to draw the paint blindfolded.
  2. It would be very difficult to write or draw without looking at it as the mind would be imagining something and the hand would be drawing something.


This game would be very interesting for the participants to play in a team building exercise. 


Volunteer Other Employees - Office Fun Games | Vector Image of People having group of employees standing together

The other idea for team building games that can be played in the organization is volunteering to do a certain task for the other employees.

How to Play?

  1. This could be for anything, such as volunteering to help the employee perform an activity, etc.


  1. This indoor game develops a sense of togetherness among the employees, and all the employees should be encouraged to volunteer for some kind of activity in the organization.
  2. Volunteers would be recognized by their fellow teammates and would become the go-to person for any issues in most cases.

Dumb Charades:

Dumb Charades | Office Fun Games | Vector Image of Couple of People Standing Together

This is a popular corporate fun office game for employees in India, and it is played in nearly every organization.

How to play?

  1. In this game, employees are divided into groups and one from each group would come forward, and the judge would give them a name of a movie or plant or anything.
  2. Now the participant has to communicate the name of the movie by playing dumb, without uttering a word. Group will be given a certain time within which it has to make a guess and get the name correctly to win the points.
  3. The process would repeat and it would be interesting to see how employees would be eager to participate.


  1. This kind of game can even encourage introverted employees to open up. 


Bing | Office Fun Games | Vector Image of Couple of Hands Raising Numbers Together

Bingo is one of the oldest team building games that is known to the employees in any organization.

How to play?

  1. This game involves crossing the numbers and emerging as a winner who may receive movie vouchers or shopping vouchers as prizes for games at work.
  2. The host would be announcing a number and anyone who has that number in their sheet should cross it.
  3. The winner of the fun office games would be the person who crossed every number on the sheet.


The game would be interesting and is mostly played on an individual level but it can also be played on a group level. 

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