Here are 8 Fun Friday Games You Can Play with your Employees


Friday games are a great way to increase the employee participation and bonding between the employees. Employees can be grouped together or can be asked to play on an individual level for this activity. The other best game for fun Friday is to conduct a Mini Olympics with indoor sports such as Chess or Carroms.

Fun Friday Games -Vector Graphic Employees are standing together having puzzle board

Fun Friday games for employees are a way to bond with colleagues, reduce stress, relax and understand each other very well.

Fun Friday games for the office such as telling a story, dumb charades, treasure hunt, blind drawing, bingo, whose the baby is here, truth or dare, and another office mini Olympics can be arranged in the organizations.

Friday being the weekend, employees would be stressed with the heavy workload from Monday to Friday and would need a way to relax. 

Friday fun games are a part of western culture that is slowly being absorbed into Indian culture, and at the same time, other countries are also adopting the culture of fun Friday games. Each country creates its own version when it comes to the fun Friday games.

The primary goal of these games is to relieve employee stress and foster team bonding. Research shows that happy employees have the highest productivity which would benefit any organization.

Keeping this in mind organizations are going to any length to keep their employees happy. 

During the pandemic, companies have found new ways to keep their employees interested, like hosting the fun Friday games online. These are examples of virtual engagement activities and can be seen as remote team building exercises, which are prevalent in firms.

These group games for coworkers have been around for a long time, but only 25% of the workforce is currently involved in the organizations. Games help employees to get together and develop a bond of togetherness which would improve the performance of the employees.

The main reason behind these games is to improve employee motivation and engagement with each other in the company. 

The fun games in office on Fridays would mostly involve employees from all levels and can help a few employees who have stage fear or introversion to overcome their fears. Since most of them are their colleagues, employees would be comfortable participating in these kinds of events.

Introverted employees would find it difficult to participate in these kinds of games as they are not as open as extroverts and usually try to limit their friends to a limited number. It’s important to remember that Friday office game ideas should be fun, but employees shouldn’t be forced to take part.

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If fun Friday games at work are forced on employees, the essence of wilful participation is violated, turning it into a mundane task.

Let’s Explore the Fun Friday Activities for Employees in the Office:

Telling a story:

Telling a story - Fun Friday activities

This is a simple game that can be played in the office on Friday, which is the weekend.

The game involves one employee coming forward and telling a story that would be interesting to listen to. The story can be about anything, adventure is done by him/her, a funny incident in their life, stories from their day-to-day life, etc.

These stories would generally be interesting if they were from their day-to-day lives. A few employees in the organizations have a gift for comedy, and they can use it to create a positive environment. These kinds of group activities at work would bring their skill out at the right time. 

Dumb Charades:

Dumb Charades - Fun Games for Friday | Vector image of people standing each other with doubts

This is a famous game that is played in almost every organization. In this fun Friday game, employees are divided into groups and one from each group would come forward, and the judge would give them a name of a movie or plant or anything.

Now the participant has to communicate the name of the movie by playing dumb, without uttering a word. Group will be given a certain time within which it has to make a guess and get the name correctly to win the points.

The process would repeat, and it would be interesting to see how employees would be eager to participate. This kind of game can even encourage introverted employees to open up. 

Treasure Hunt:

Treasure Hunt - fun Friday games for Employees

The other known office game that is a small fun activity for employees in the office is the treasure hunt, which is played in most organizations. The game involves searching for a treasure that is hidden in a secret place, and the way to reach it would be given as hints to the employees.

Employees who can get the hints correctly and reach the treasure location earlier will be the winners of the game. This game can be played individually as well as in groups.

Group games at work encourage employees to coordinate with each other and thereby emerge as the winners of the game. 

Blind drawing:

Blind Folded Drawing - vector image of a person standing and painting on board

The other popular indoor office game for Indian employees is blind drawing, which involves drawing on a board with one’s eyes tied.

Participants will be blindfolded and then given a board to draw what they have seen before. Most of the participants will draw something that would be funny to see, and the group will help the participant draw correctly.

This way, the game would be fun and engaging among the employees. 


Bingo - vector image of having hand carrying various numbers

Bingo is one of the oldest games that is known to the employees in any organization. This game involves crossing the numbers and emerging as a winner. The host would be announcing a number, and anyone who has that number on their sheet should cross it.

The participant who crosses every number in the sheet would emerge victorious. The game would be interesting and is mostly played on an individual level but it can also be played on a group level. 

Who’s the baby here?

Whose Baby is this? - Vector image of having person standing with a baby picture in the hand

Whose baby is this? It is another best fun Friday game. This game involves showing a childhood picture and asking the employees to guess the person’s name. The first person to guess it correctly would be awarded the prize.

It would be surprising to see how people have changed over time, as well as how people have not changed and continue to look the same even after growing up.

Truth or Dare:

Truth or Dare - Fun Friday Games | Vector Image of People having board
Tax payment. Businessman working at a table with documents. Data analysis, paperwork, financial research, and report. Calculation tax government, state. Calculation return. Flat design vector illustration.

The truth or dare game involves rotating a wheel, and wherever it stops, that person has to select one option from truth or dare. If the participant selects truth then he has to say the truth about himself which no one knows, and if the participant selects dare he /she has to do a daring activity given by the other members.

The game would bring out many confessions and many unknown things about the employees. It is important to note that this game should be played with caution, without which it might hurt many employees in the organization and spoil the very essence of playing games on fun Friday.

Office Mini Sports:

Office Mini Sports. - vector image of people playing with big chess icons

Another option is to hold a Mini Olympics with indoor sports like chess or carrom. Employees can be grouped together or asked to play on an individual level for this activity. There are games that happen on a group level, and there are games that happen on an individual level.

Fun Friday games for employees are an excellent way to increase employee participation and bonding. After the games, employees can be treated to dinner so that they look forward to next Friday. 

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