The 10 Best Slack Apps for Employee Engagement You Didn’t Know About


The employee engagement is a concept which is still in practice in the industry and research shows that more than 90% of the engaged employees perform better.

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Employee engagement is the concept of dedication and involvement the employees would have with their organization. Engaged employees increase the productivity of the company by improving their productivity.

It is very important to keep the employees engaged in any organization so that the employees would provide the desired output. The most common question asked is “how employee engagement can be achieved?”

The answer to this is the slack app that is available online for free employee engagement that can be used by firms to keep their employees engaged in their work.

The top slack apps for employee engagement are Workvivo, TINYpulse, WorkProud, First up, STRIVE- The Employee App, Vantage Circle, Emplus, &Frankly, WorQ, 15Five, Yammer, Zimyo. 

The best practice in employee engagement activities is to involve the employees participating in the slack app that is meant for best employee engagement practices.

The best practice for employee engagement is to use the apps such as Yammer in the organization which would include the internal achievements of the firm and the employees would be engaged using these apps.

Slack is an instant messaging platform developed by slack technologies and owned by Salesforce. The app was developed mainly for professional communications as well as communications and interactions within organizations.

The slack app is better than WhatsApp as it can be used for professional and organizational communication and has been adopted as a community platform. 

The best employee engagement models are those which do engage the employees within the organization thereby improving productivity of the employees. Employee engagement is done to improve the bonding among the employees and also increase their productivity towards the organization.

Slack apps such as Yammer are found to be useful and also reduce the participation or involvement of employees with other social media sites during office hours.

Social media tools such as Slack and Yammer provide practical implications for managers and encourage them to embrace them as an engagement tool to increase employee participation on such social media (Anshu Sharma, Jyotsna Bhatnagar, 2016). 

Engaged employees sometimes develop an emotional connection with their organizations and will focus their energy to achieve the organization’s goals. Employee engagement is very difficult to measure but companies can identify employee engagement based on the below factors:

  • Employees understand their roles, and their job and they are willing to do it. 
  • Employees are loyal to their firms and to their work.
  • Employees are super motivated to carry on their work to reach their assigned goals.
  • Employees do not engage in moonlighting activities that would distract them from their engagement with the current organization. 

The advantages of using the Slack app for employee engagement are mentioned below: 

Increased interaction:

Slack apps used for employee engagement are found to have increased the interaction among the employees within the organization. The apps can be used not only for communication of various things but also can be used for managing projects, sharing the achievement of employees, recognizing the employees for their work, etc.

The increased interaction would keep the employees engaged in the organization and would help in improving the overall productivity of the employees

Centralization of work

The other advantage of using slack apps for employee engagement is the centralization of work. There is no need to switch between different apps for different works as the slack apps offer different interfaces at the same place. 


The slack apps for employee engagement are found to have increased collaboration among the employees in the organization. There are certain apps that would allow you to share your results with your team members or colleagues.

Certain health apps would let you share your health data with your team members and also help you create a community within the organization among like-minded people. 


The other advantage of slack apps for employee engagement is that these apps are cost-effective. Many apps offer inexpensive or free plans that can be utilized by organizations free of cost or at less cost.

These apps would save money for employers and at the same time get the work done for them by engaging the employees in the organization. Apps also offer packages to employers who purchase their services for their employees. 


The other major advantage of slack apps intended for employee engagement is that they are adaptable. There would be no need to convince your employees to separately adapt these apps as they would be exposed to these kinds of apps previously.

There might be certain enthusiasts who would be willing to try these apps without any force from the management side. 

The top best slack apps for employee engagement are given below:


The app has a variety of features such as employee engagement, employee communication, Employee experience, social intranet, workplace insights, etc. Familiar user experience is the major advantage of the app which promotes high adoption and interaction.

Content from the spaces appears in the employee’s personalized activity feed. Spaces in the app encourage collaboration with colleagues across locations and departments. Spaces enable employees to interact and collaborate on common interests. 

Tiny Pulse:

The app can be used to make employees feel heard with opportunities for continuous, transparent feedback. The data and tools to build a robust employee engagement strategy.

Employers can strategically act on the feedback from the activities and ensure that the results are positive and as desired. The app can be used to activate the full potential of the employees so that they give their best results.

Work Proud:

The app can be used to reduce unwanted turnover, disjointed employee experience can be reduced, and low engagement and recognition of the employees can be handled. The app brings disparate human capital programs together under a unified employee experience platform.

Companies on the WorkProud platform are able to align programs with their business vision and seamlessly deliver a unified employee experience.

First Up

The first intelligent communication platform in which every company can now connect the employee experience ecosystem, personalize the employee journey and get insights to improve engagement, productivity, and retention.

This platform uses real-time data to determine the most meaningful campaigns, optimal time, and best channel for each employee. 

STRIVE- The Employee App:

Strive enables organizations to empower their employees to reimagine their own experience through a personalizable, integrated, and impactful app. It can be used to build a happier, healthier workforce today which would increase employee engagement tomorrow. 

Vantage Circle:

Vantage circle is cloud-based employee benefits and engagement platform implemented to support employers. 

Employee engagement is a concept that is still in practice in the industry and research shows that more than 90% of the engaged employees perform better, boosting the success of their teams and in turn increasing the output of the organization.

Slack apps for employee engagement can be highly engaging. Highly engaged employees would be willing to work hard for the organization and they would stay put and put in extra effort to help the organization succeed. 


Sharma, A. and Bhatnagar, J. (2016), “Enterprise social media at work: web-based solutions for employee engagement”, Human Resource Management International Digest, Vol. 24 No. 7, pp. 16-19.

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