Indoor Office Games Ideas in 2023


Indoor Office Games Ideas in 2023

Indoor office games are those games that are played and held indoors where the employees would participate in the games without the need to go outside. Due to the lockdown and work-from-home culture, all the activities are indoors in the office. This stresses the need for indoor office game ideas for Holi in 2023.

Employees working for and in an organization might have certain differences among them when working as a team. These differences can be eliminated by making those employees participate in games that involve teamwork. Fun games involving teams are becoming increasingly popular as many companies plan some games in their offices.

Fun office quiz questions can also be a part of the teamwork-building games that can be played in any organization.

Due to Certain Restrictions Such as Lack of Space, Time And Resources Organizations Prefer Indoor Teamwork Games Such as Those Mentioned Below:

Guess the Baby:

Guess the Baby is the best indoor game, where every participant can join the online meet. The organizer shows a photo, and the participants must guess the baby’s name. The photo would belong to one of the participants or a known member at a young age. Baby photos would be fun, and the participants would be excited to see the childhood photos of their colleagues. The participant who guesses the baby’s name correctly will get a reward.

Human Centipede:

In this game, employees would be split into two or three groups of equal members. There can be as many teams as required, but each team should have an equal number of employees. It is advisable to have 6 people per team to conduct the game in the office without any hassle. Before beginning the game, participants must be blindfolded before they begin the game. They should form a line behind each other. Every participant should rest their hands on the shoulders of the person in front. Now the team should be asked to walk across the path with some obstacles. If the team can reach the finish line by crossing all the obstacles, then that team will be declared the winner.

Save the Balloon:

This would be the most fun game that can be played indoors in the office. In this way, employees may be placed in pairs or groups according to the number of participants. If there are more participants, they can be grouped together or paired if there are fewer participants. Now the participants in the group should be asked to stand in line with a distance between them. The participants should hold the balloons between them and cross certain obstacles without dropping them. If any group participants dropped the balloon, they would be dropped. In the case of a pair of employees, only two employees would be asked to hold the balloon between them. Two employees must complete the task without falling off the balloon. This can be conducted with a group of pairs to check which one would cross the finish line first and then decide the winner based on the team that would cross the finish line without dropping the balloon.

Solve a Puzzle:

An easy and common workplace game that helps improve cooperation involves “Solve a puzzle” in which the team members are provided with a task and have to complete the task in the least amount of time. The first team that solves the puzzle will be declared the winner. The task requires participants to collaborate because multiple minds will be thinking about the problem. It can be played in the workplace with minimal effort. It could also cause conflict between group members. However, simultaneously, there will be leaders forming to solve the conflict.

Complimenting Circle:

The complimenting circle is a game where employees compliment each other on any permitted topic. The employees would be seated in a circle. One person would compliment the other. Team leaders, for instance, can compliment colleagues on their job and different things. It can give a good increase to the person on the receiving end. Employees who are otherwise shy of complimenting others can use this opportunity to express their feelings to their counterparts. The idea is to encourage employees to acknowledge appreciation for each other and create collaboration among the employees. Important to keep in mind that compliments are meant to encourage employees and not harm their feelings.

Brainstorming Session:

The other fun office team-building activity is a brainstorming session in which the employees would be asked to present their ideas, and there could be a discussion. The activity could also consist of employees sharing their concerns as well as the options to solve these issues. Employees could be presented with an idea board where they are asked to think of suggestions for solving a particular issue. Then, everyone could sit down and consider the concept’s viability.

Boast Your Achievements:

Another way to build team spirit involves highlighting employees’ accomplishments. Employees can talk about their achievements in groups. It can boost the morale of employees and, in turn, inspire fellow employees. It is interesting to see employees refer to their coworkers’ names when they have any achievement that could positively impact the workers since appreciation is the most effective method of motivation and team building within the workforce.

Team Games:

The second team building exercise is to engage in games that include teams from offices to increase the building of teams. These games could include Carroms, chess, or other indoor and outdoor games, which will increase teams’ building.

Truth or Dare:

The game of Truth or Dare involves spinning a wheel, and when it comes to a stop, the participant must choose between truth and dare. If the player chooses the truth, he must reveal a part of himself that no one else knows. If the player chooses to dare, they will have to participate in a daring exercise the others offer. The challenge will bring forth numerous confessions as well as a lot of undiscovered facts about members.

Blindfolded Drawing:

The most commonly used game for team building is the blindfolded drawing, in which one participant from a team would come forward and draw on a board with a blindfold. The other teammates would encourage the employee to draw correctly by working together. Team members would be giving directions to their participants on how to draw the blindfolded paint. It would be difficult to write or draw without looking at it as the mind would imagine something, and the hand would draw something. This game would be very interesting for the participants to play in a team-building exercise.


The third team-building activity in your company could be for a particular assignment for employees. This can be done for any reason, including helping employees with their work. It creates a feeling of community among employees. All employees must be encouraged to sign up in some way for the business. Volunteers will be appreciated by their colleagues and will be the first to call to solve problems in most instances.

Dumb Charades:

This is a famous game that is played in almost every organization. The participants can be divided into groups. The members from each group will appear, and the judge will give them a title of the movie, plant, or whatever. Participants must identify the title of the film in a dumb manner, not speaking any words. The group will be provided with an amount of time in which they have to take an assumption and guess the right name to score points. The game would be played repeatedly, and seeing how the staff would participate will be fascinating. It could help introverts become more comfortable.


Bingo is among the most popular games well-known to employees within any company. It involves crossing numbers before announcing the winner. The host will announce the number, and everyone with that number on their sheets should mark the number. Participants who crossed every number on the sheet would emerge victorious. It is an interesting game and is most often played at the individual level. However, it could also be played in a group.

These indoor office games help build teams, improve employee cohesion, and remove mundane work. Employees must refrain from sweating while participating in the indoor games as employees can work indoors for these games.

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