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Employee engagement is the degree to which an employee feels a bond or connection to his or her organization and is actively engaged in work.

What is Employee Engagement? Free Employee Engagement Program - Employee Wellness Program

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the degree to which an employee feels a bond or connection to his or her organization and is actively engaged in work that benefits both the employee and the organization.

Engaged employees are found to be highly productive and contributory towards their work within the organization and the engagement is directly linked to the performance of the employees. The higher the engagement, the higher the performance.

Engaged employees usually do it with intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation such as workplace atmosphere, recognition at work, feedback, participation in the fun Friday games, fun office games, employee happiness programs, and showing full love for the job, etc. would drive such employee engagement activities.

Employee engagement can be seen in the productivity of the employees and can also be measured using certain key performance indicators.

Why is employee engagement important? 

Employee engagement is directly associated with the productivity of the employee, which in turn contributes to the productivity of the organization as a whole. The engagement of employees describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels for his/her job.

Employee engagement can be achieved through proper HR policies such as checking the Person-Organisation fit at the time of selecting the employees.

It means the employees are to be selected whose values align with that of the organization as it would be a natural motivation factor for the employees which in turn leads to engagement.

Engaged employees are prone to show high levels of morale at the workplace and are also highly productive.

Employers could use Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid of needs to build a strategy for employee engagement which includes basic needs of survival, psychological needs and self-fulfillment needs, and self-actualization needs.

Employees do not have the same requirements at every stage of life and these requirements should be identified and provided so that the employees are engaged with the organizations.

How to keep your employees healthy, let’s understand it with employee engagement examples:

Preventive health checkups:

Preventive health checkups are one of the ways to keep employees healthy. Organizations can organize preventive health checkups with the help of their insurance broker.

Insurance brokers can arrange and provide value-added benefits such as preventive health checkup camps to analyze the health conditions of the employees.

Promote Fitness:

Promoting fitness is an important thing that helps in keeping employees healthy. This can be done by giving away gym subscriptions to the employees or arranging yoga sessions at home.

The yoga sessions and other well-being sessions would be conducted by insurance brokers for their clients as a part of value-added benefits.

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The flexibility of work:

Employees should be allowed to work according to their flexibility. Employees have different times at which they would be productive, and this would improve their overall health and well-being.

Workplace flexibility should not lead to employees working overtime, which is bad for their health.

Reduce overwork:

Employees should be compensated for any overtime done by them or steps should be taken to reduce the burden of work on the employees. Employees cannot be given heavy work every day which would affect their well-being.

Reducing overtime and overworking the employees would improve their health.

Healthy office atmosphere:

The office is the place where employees spend at least half of their day including traveling to and from. The office atmosphere should be pleasant and motivate employees to work and contribute to their well-being.
It is important that there is sufficient light and ventilation to increase the well-being of the employees. 

Mental well-being:

Mental well-being is often neglected in many organizations and is not given weight when compared to physical well-being. Mental well-being can be achieved from adequate compensation, a manageable workload, and open culture in the organizations.

Mental well-being is recognized by the World Health Organization, and even insurance companies are covering the medical expenses incurred due to those illnesses. 

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Employee wellness offerings:

Health Check-up:

Health checkups such as blood tests, urine tests, CBC with ESR Lipid profile, renal profile, urine routine, etc. can be provided by the organizations for their employees. These health checkups can be provided on a yearly basis and steps can be taken to extend the facilities to the immediate family members of the employees.

Dental and vision checkups are also conducted by the insurance brokers for their clients which would let the employees know about their health conditions and take certain preventive measures.

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Health Risk Assessment:

Health risk assessment is done online and the employees would receive an email. The email contains questions about the employee’s lifestyle choices and health parameters from the diagnostic report.

Employee health is assessed based on lifestyle factors, food habits, and diagnostic reports. The detailed report along with the health scores is shared with the employees and their organizations to act upon it. 

Unlimited 1 to 1 Doctor consultation:

After the diagnostic tests and the health risk assessment survey, the next step is to provide online doctor consultation to understand how the health scores can be improved.

Based on the severity of the employee’s health they would be referred to specialists doctors and hospitals in their network hospital list.

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The employee wellness offerings would include unlimited 1-to-1 doctor consultations in which the employees can consult with the impaneled doctors an unlimited number of times.

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1-to-1 Nutrition consultation:

Nutrition is an important source for the human body without which many diseases would emerge. Nutrition counseling would be provided by the insurance brokers under the employee wellness offerings with any of the impaneled doctors online.

Employees would learn about their nutrition requirements, their current condition, and steps to be taken to improve their health by improving their nutrition intake. 

Organization Health Report:

The health report of the organization consists of the health report of all the employees. It indicates the overall health of the organization by understanding employees’ health and behavior. 

Why are free employee wellness programs important for corporates from insurance brokers?

Free employee wellness programs are offered only by the insurance brokers on the list of all insurance intermediaries.

It is important to note that these are the value-added benefits offered by insurance brokers without charging the customers. These programs would help the organization identify the below:

  • Health status of the employees and take necessary steps to address the same.
  • Employee’s behavior and nutrition requirements. 
  • Improves employee satisfaction and provides incremental workplace productivity.

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