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‘He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything’- Thomas Carlyle

The above quote holds even more true in today’s world. People, especially after the corona pandemic have realized that the best investment to put in, is our own health.

The best health insurance policy depends holistically on every individual’s needs and requirements. Thankfully, our insurance system gives us the leverage to design our own health insurance plan based on our own requisites.

There is no one best plan that fits all, however, we can choose a personal health insurance plan or group health insurance plan (suitable for companies) that best fits our requirements. This we call the “art of buying health insurance.’

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Having the best health insurance policy that has the following six important benefits is a good idea:

    • Modern Treatments: While taking an individual or family health insurance plan we should be smart enough to consider coverages for all modern treatments, such as stem cell therapy and robotics. Treatments will be mostly done through modern methods in the future and will cost us bombs. So, it’s better to get ourselves and our family protected against these treatments.
    • No capping on room rent: Mostly, health insurers would put a limit to room rent capping. But if we want our policy to be free from any limit,  we can always have the option to select from the range of rooms available at the hospital. This makes our experience at the hospital more comfortable. But, this is self-understood that the claim limit should not cross the sum insured amount.
    • Domiciliary hospitalization: Again this feature should be included without any limit. After the covid pandemic, home quarantine is the most preferred choice amongst us. Make sure to have this coverage while choosing your medical insurance plan.
    • The ayurvedic cover should be included: Extend your coverage to ayurvedic treatments. These days insurance policies not only cover allopathy but ayurvedic, homeopathy, and Unani treatments are also covered.
    • Organ Transplant cover should be included: The rising medical cost along with unforeseen diseases has made it compulsory to insure ourselves against as many coverages as possible. The treatments like organ transplant not only affects a family personally but also impacts our pockets to a great extent. Most of the time people are not able to arrange the treatment costs. So, it would be a wise decision to include such coverages in your personal health insurance plan.
    • No limit on psychometric treatment: Today’s lifestyle has made it mandatory to include psychometric treatment with no capping.

Bonus tip: It is unnecessary to have restore cover, no claim bonuses, outpatient benefits, ambulance cover, daily hospitalization cash, etc.

Make sure there are no location-wise, age-wise, or any other copayment terms in the health insurance policy.

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