Covid-19 Health Insurance Policies Comparison


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Insurer Eligibility


No Travel Benefit Type Sum Insured Premium


Other Benefits
Digit Group Policy

(with Flipkart)

18-60 Yrs Last 30 days Indemnity 3L &




1. 30& 60 Days pre & post Hospitalization

2. No room rent capping

3. Ambulance Assistance 1%


(with PhonePe & Flipkart)

18-75 Yrs After 31st Dec 2019 Lumpsum 25K 159 1. 4 free teleconsultations

2. Health Assistance Benefit

3. Ambulance Assistance


(with PhonePe)


55 Yrs

Last 30 days

15 days waiting

Indemnity 50K 199 1. 30-30 days pre & post
Reliance 3M-60 yrs Last 45 days Lumpsum 25k

to 2L



Addon Benefits:

1. Loss of Pay

2. Quarantine expenses (50% of SI)

3. Travel exclusion waiver.

4. Loss of Job

Star 18-65 Yrs N/A Lumpsum 21K &




Aegon Life 18-50 Yrs Last 45 Days Indemnity 50K to 1L* 903


COVID is an Additional benefit on Term life cover. 24 Hrs Hospitalization is compulsory.


Digit Policy Explanation: It’s a group policy.

ICICI Group Health Policy Explanation: *Health Assistance Benefit: Health Assistance Team will help you in identifying a Specialist or Hospital, fixing an appointment, information about the ailment and possible lines of treatment, suitable network providers, and appointment for a second opinion if required.

The above assistance for information is free but you need to pay if any of the services are availed.

Reliance group health insurance policy explanation:– If tested positive: 100%

– If not tested positive but quarantined for a minimum of 14 days: 50% of SI under Quarantine Add on the cover. Self-quarantine is not covered.

– Having a loss of pay due to quarantine and for a minimum of 14 days to a maximum of 30 days.

– Lost Job because of being diagnosed with Covid-19 or being quarantined due to COVID-19. 50% of SI for each opted number of months specified in the certificate, max up to 3 months. If employed in between, then the cover is terminated.

The above add-on benefits are available for 2L SI only.

Star Policy Special points: Claim is admissible on testing positive and only on hospitalization.

Aegon Policy Special Points: This policy is a combination of normal term insurance along with medical benefit limited to Covid-19 hospitalization.

The premium chart and further SI options are as below.

Term Life Sum Insured COVID Hospitalization SI Premium incl GST
5L 50K 903
10L 1L 1805
25L 1L 3737
40L 1L 5669

When compared to other life insurance plans this is reasonably low in premium for the life cover available along with Covid-19 hospitalization. The life cover under this covers death due to any reason.

It truly depends on what insurance you already have to understand which Covid-19 insurance will suit you the best. Hence it is advisable to connect with an insurance broker to know the right match for you.

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