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Digit general insurance commenced its operations in the year 2017 in Bengaluru. The company has a financial backing from Canadian billionaire Prem Watsa’s Fairfax group. In 2021 the company achieved unicorn status after several rounds of funding from national as well as international level. It is the first unicorn company for the year 2021 focussing on online insurance sales. Digit insurance was started to make insurance simple and is continuing the patronage till today. The company is based out of Bangalore and offers retail health insurance, group health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance etc. The company has focussed to offer the insurance online thereby providing the insurance services to customers at their doorstep.

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    Key benefits of Digit GHI

    Digit health insurance provides certain key benefits differentiating it from the rest of the insurance companies such as

    Daily Hospital Cash Cover Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Daily hospital cash cover

    Daily hospital cash cover is the amount given to the insured or the dependent on a per day basis till the insured is discharged from the hospital. There are certain out of pocket expenses which had to be borne by the insured during the hospitalization such as attendant expenses, food expenses etc. These expenses can be borne by the hospital cash cover which provides daily hospital cash for a limited number of days the insured is in the hospital. The cover is beneficial to the employees of the group health insurance policy.

    Psychiatric benefit Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Psychiatric benefit

    Psychiatric is a condition relating to mental illness of a person and the medical treatment it follows is known as psychiatric treatment. As per the WHO study up to 10% of the Indian population suffer from one or the other psychiatric or serious mental disorders. The group health insurance from Digit insurance would cover the expenses incurred to treat the psychiatric illnesses as mental health is as important as physical health. There can be certain psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders etc.

    Critical Illness Cover Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Critical illness cover

    Any illness which can be life threatening is known as the critical illness such as Cancer, Kidney failure etc. The digit illness group insurance covers certain critical illnesses such as Cancer, heart attack, kidney failure etc. which are mentioned in the terms and conditions of the policy. The critical illness cover can be given for the employees of the digit health insurance which can also be extended to the family members of the digit group health insurance policy. The critical illness cover is a benefit based cover unlike the health insurance which is indemnity based cover.

    Maternity and Newborn Cover Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Maternity and newborn cover

    Digit health insurance covers the maternity expenses and the expenses incurred for the new born babies. The new born babies would be covered up to 90 days after which it would be added to the existing digit health insurance policy on payment of additional premium. The sum insured under this section would be over and above the basic sum insured mentioned under the digit general insurance policy.

    Other Benefits Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Other benefits

    There are certain other benefits which are being offered by Digit health insurance policy such as the cover for alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. Organ donation expenses, hospitalization expenses such as in-patient, outpatient, day care and domiciliary would be covered under the digit health insurance policy.

    Digit Advantage

    Digit health insurance policy has certain advantages when compared to its competitors which are mentioned below

    One Point Contact Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance One point contact

    • Digit health insurance provides a one point contact option in which the insured customer can only be in touch with the digit insurance online and there would be no need to be in contact with the other people for the claim settlement or any other service.
    • Digit health insurance claim settlement ratio is around 90-95% which depends on many factors and the claim settlement process is made hassle free so that the customers can have a smooth claim settlement.
    • Most of the claim settlement process is done online with digit health insurance which decreased the turnaround time of claim settlement and increased the customer satisfaction.

    Low Cost Premium Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Low cost premium

    • The other advantage of digit insurance is that it provides digit group health insurance policies at low cost compared to the competitors in the insurance market.
    • This low cost premium in group health insurance products benefits the customers immensely.
    • Digit health insurance comes at low cost premiums thereby providing a chance to include the low income workers in a group health insurance policy.

    Easy Online Process Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Easy online process

    • Digit is the pioneer in the digital insurance segment in India.
    • Digit has created a digital revolution in India with their approach and services.
    • Right from the process of buying a group health insurance policy to the claim settlement everything is digitized making the claims paperless, easy, quick and hassle free to the insured members.
    • The digitization helped to reduce the paperwork and the turnaround time to settle the group health insurance claim.
    • Insured members can even get the real time updates regarding the claim settlement which gives an idea of the time within which the claim would be settled.

    Post Hospitalization Lump Sum Benefit Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Post Hospitalization lump sum benefit

    • The other benefit of digit group health insurance is that it provides a lump sum benefit for the post hospitalization expenses to the insured customer.
    • The post hospitalization expenses such as doctors visit, diagnosis etc would be covered under the digit group health insurance policy.
    • The post hospitalization lump sum benefit gives people the benefit to take care of their expenses after discharge from the hospital without the need to collect bills, receipts etc.

    Group Health Insurance Vector Icon - Digit Group Health Insurance Group health insurance for all sizes

    • Digit health insurance covers any company of any size as there would be the health insurance requirement for small companies as well as a big company.
    • It doesn't matter if the company is a 10 member team or a 25 members team, every company would be covered as long as the minimum number of lives required is satisfied by the organization requiring coverage.
    • Digit group health insurance covers companies of all sizes and shapes.