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When compared to other life insurance plans this is reasonably low in premium for the life cover available along with Covid-19 hospitalization. The life cover under this covers death due to any reason.

It truly depends on what all insurance you already have to understand which Covid-19 insurance will suit you the best. Hence it is advisable to connect with insurance experts to know the right match for you.

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Covid-19 Health Insurance Policies Comparison

Insurer Eligibility Age No Travel Benefit Type Sum Insured Premium (Rs) Other Benefits Digit Group Policy (with Flipkart) 18-60 Yrs Last 30 days Indemnity 3L & 1L 1267 511 1. 30& 60 Days pre & post Hospitalization 2. No room rent capping 3. Ambulance Assistance 1% ICICI (with PhonePe & Flipkart) 18-75 Yrs After 31st Dec […]

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