What are the Benefits of Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan?


super top up health insurance plan benefits - this graphic has one fact of average spending on medical expenses by every Indian

A super se bhi upar health insurance plan!

Once a 5 year old kid asked a gentleman, ‘Uncle what do you call super se bhi upar in English.

The gentleman promptly replied, ‘Super- Top up’ because that gentleman was an insurance broker.

Well, jokes apart, a Super- Top Up health insurance plan can come to the rescue when you have a massive medical bill in your hands.

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Read the full article to know the benefits of Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan:

Riya was the only child of her parents. After her marriage, she moved and settled in Australia with her husband. But her parents’ health is always her concern. So, when she was leaving for Australia she made sure that her parents are covered for an amount of 5 lacs for any medical emergency. She was too young then, little did she know that with the growing age and surge in the prices of medical expenses this amount will not be enough.

Everything changed when one fine day she got a call from her mother that her father has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and has been hospitalized. The medical expenses for the treatment are going to cost around ₹ 10 lakhs. She packed her bags and came down to India. By god’s grace, her father is out of danger now and also they somehow managed to pay the rest ₹ 5 lakhs from their pockets.

But that was an eye-opening lesson for Riya.

She immediately contacted her insurance broker and asked him to come and meet her immediately.

Riya: Hi Ajay,

I want to increase the sum insured amount of my current health policy to ₹ 25 lakhs.

Ajay: Sure mam.

After doing calculations, he told Riya the new premium amount.

Riya: Oh! But this amount is too high for my parents to pay every year.

Ajay: Mam, why don’t you upgrade your current health plan to “Super- Top up”

Riya: What is Super Top up, could you please elaborate?

Ajay: Sure mam.

So, your super top up plan may or may not be linked to your regular base policy. It provides you coverage of up to 50 lakhs after a certain deductible amount at a very nominal premium.

The deductible amount could be either of two in comparison of super top up health insurance with regular health insurance:

1)    The sum insured amount of your regular base policy, which in your case is 5 Lakhs.

2)    You decide to pay the deductible amount from your pocket without taking any health policy.

So your Super- Top up plan will come into the picture when you have consumed your deductible amount.

That means if you are covered for an amount of 25 lakhs under super top up and your medical bill is 20 lakhs. Then in this case you are covered for any amount after 5 lakhs up to 25 lakhs under this policy plan.

So, this is your premium for Super-Top up policy.

Riya: This is really great! I would like to take this now. Thank you so much for suggesting me this.

Riya was lucky enough that her father’s medical expenses didn’t burn their pockets. Medical inflation stands at around 15% which is almost the double overall rate of inflation i.e. 6%.

It’s heartening to see that though the healthcare center in India has advanced in the last few decades that comes with a price.

Your medical bills can make a hole in your pocket even for any minute medical treatment. So choose your medical plan and your broker wisely before investing in any health plan. Your broker can be a really safe guide for you to suggest you the best plan.

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