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The Cost of Waiting: Understanding the Risks of Not Having Personal Health Insurance

Personal health insurance was seen as a product that should be purchased at the time of illness, and people used to wait for a certain period of time before taking a personal health insurance policy. It is detrimental to wait before taking the personal health insurance policy as it can have many mental and financial […]

The Hidden Benefits of Personal Health Insurance

The Hidden Benefits of Personal Health Insurance

Customers should explore many hidden benefits in personal health insurance plans to avail of benefits during the policy period. These benefits would be hidden in plain sight for the customers, and most would not pay heed to these benefits in the first instance. Insurance intermediaries would also not explain these benefits to the customer while […]

Personal Health Insurance vs Employer-Sponsored: Which is Right for You?

Personal Health Insurance The personal health insurance policy, which is also referred to as retail health insurance or individual health insurance, pays for medical expenses of an insured client because of an accident, sickness, or illness in excess of the sum insured maximum in exchange of a small fee. The insured customer would completely own […]

Advantages of Having Personal Health Insurance in Retirement

The Advantages of Having Personal Health Insurance in Retirement

Retirement refers to when one leaves an active profession and working life behind, often after age 60 or when no longer capable of work. People generally retire due to various reasons, including health conditions, relaxation, or aging in general – such as retiring due to incapacity. People typically enjoy peaceful retirements to focus on maintaining […]

How to Save Money on Personal Health Insurance Coverage

How to Save Money on Personal Health Insurance Coverage

Today, any minor surgery can cost you anywhere between 2-5 Lakh Rupees. Health inflation in India is rising at about 14% per annum. If you are a white-collar worker, your salary hike might have been lower than 14% per annum, especially over the last few years. Without basic health insurance, it is increasingly difficult for […]

Common Misconceptions About Personal Health Insurance

Common Misconceptions About Personal Health Insurance

Personal health insurance misconceptions are common among people intending to purchase health insurance. Misconceptions about personal health insurance could be due to various reasons like the influence of past events or bad experiences with the insurance provider. Such events create a strong negative feeling towards personal health insurance and prevent you from buying a policy. […]

How to Maximize Your Personal Health Insurance Benefits?

How to Maximize Your Personal Health Insurance Benefits?

A personal health insurance policy is typically used to pay for the costs of medical treatment for the insured if they are hospitalized due to illnesses or accidents. But other benefits can be derived from personal health insurance plans that are unknown to many users. Health insurance plans come with many benefits, some of which […]

5 Benefits of Investing in Personal Health Insurance

5 Benefits of Investing in Personal Health Insurance

When a person is hospitalised as a result of an accident or illness, personal health insurance can be helpful. Personal health insurance policy can be purchased for oneself as well as someone you have an insurable interest in. Insurable interest in simple terms is your interest in the person you are insuring. You can therefore […]

Understanding the Important Cost Considerations of Personal Health Insurance

Understanding the Important Cost Considerations of Personal Health Insurance

Ever wondered how Insurers cost their Persona Health Insurance Products? While many statistics and related sciences are used. Let us Understand Some Factors Behind Deciding Premiums. Age: Age is an important factor in deciding the health insurance premium. All insurance corporations base their top rate calculations on the age of the eldest member within the […]

Choose the Right Personal Health Insurance Plan for You

How to Choose the Right Personal Health Insurance Plan for You?

Tips to Choose the Right Personal Health Insurance Plan Personal Health Insurance Plans are those in which the insured pays the premium to cover their financial expenses in case of any hospitalization. It is essential to choose the right personal health insurance plan as it would be difficult to change the health insurance policy every […]

The Importance of Personal Health Insurance A Guide for Young Persons

The Importance of Personal Health Insurance: A Guide for Young Persons

Personal Health Insurance Covid -19 has accentuated the need to have health insurance. Health insurance not only gives financial stability to the policyholder by safeguarding their hard-earned money, but also protects the policyholder’s monies, which she would have otherwise had to bear due to hospitalization. Personal health insurance also known as retail health insurance can […]

Group Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance Glossary

Insurance involves a lot of technical terms that a layperson may not be aware of. However, it is important to be familiar with these terms as it helps you to understand the terms and conditions of a health insurance policy. Further, it helps to choose the right insurance policy for your needs. We’ve covered some […]

Vector image - person looking to the sign of hospital and thinking can the Insurer Decline to renew my Health Insurance Policy

Can the Insurer Decline to Renew my Health Insurance Policy?

Insurance policy renewal is the most important thing for any customer. Personal health insurance renewal would be done by the customer just before the expiry of the policy to prevent the policy from lapsing. Insurance renewal happens every year for most insurance products except for long-term insurance policies, where the insurance premium is paid for […]

Cover out Patient Benefit

Health Insurance Policies Which Cover out-Patient (OPD) Benefit

1. Aditya Birla – Activ Health Platinum Enriched Insurance Plan: i) Coverage: The policy will cover the costs incurred for medically necessary consultations, diagnostic tests, and pharmacy expenses on an outpatient basis up to the amount specified under the policy. The appointments can be scheduled through the website or through the mobile application or call […]

Cashless Health Insurance

Top 10 Cashless Health Insurance in India

Cashless health insurance is a type of health insurance claim settlement facility provided by the health insurance companies in which the health insurance claims would be settled directly to the hospitals without any customer intervention. The claim amount would be paid directly to the hospital in which the insured is getting treated. A cashless claim […]

Personal Health Insurance Cancellation Letter

How to Write a Personal Health Insurance Cancellation Letter?

Personal health insurance cancellation letter is the letter written to the insurance company by the insured customer to cancel his/her personal health insurance policy due to any of the reasons whatsoever. The personal health insurance cancellation sample letter is provided in this article which can be used to intimate the insurance company regarding your personal […]

Health Insurance Companies

Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in India 2022 (in terms of claim settlement)

The claim settlement ratio of personal health insurance is the number of health claims settled to the number of health claims received by the insurance company. The health insurance claim settlement ratio depends on the number of claims settled by the insurance company compared to the number of claims received by the insurance company during […]

image of man writing something - Top 5 reasons to select best health insurance

What are the Tips to Choose the Best Health Insurance?

Choosing a well-suited health insurance policy from the many options available in the market could feel like a herculean task. You need to take into consideration many factors before making a purchase. But with so many confusing details, it is easy to get bogged down, and you may make a hasty decision and end up […]

vector image of Modern Treatment methods and your health insurance

Modern Treatment methods and your Health Insurance

With rapid advancements in the field of medicine, every year, we see many new and modern methods of treatment being made available for the benefit of the people. Listed below are a few such Modern Treatment Methods: A. Uterine Artery Embolization and HIFU B. Balloon Sinuplasty C. Deep Brain stimulation D. Oral chemotherapy E. Immunotherapy- […]

image of a woman watching out of window - ALL ABOUT LOCKDOWN AND ITS IMPACT ON INSURANCE

All about Lockdown and its impact on Insurance

The impact is not the same for all the lines of insurance. Life insurance is staring at huge claims due to the sudden and increased number of deaths, whereas the increased risk of falling sick has made people more aware of it. We will look in detail at the impact on commonly purchased lines of […]


Terms & conditions in Health Insurance Policy Should not be used for Marketing Tactics

When it’s a question of simply pooling the money for one who would actually incur a loss, then why are there so many terms and conditions? Why can’t it be as simple as that? In the case of hospitalization, the total bill amount up to the sum insured is payable? All I want to say […]


Health Insurance for Healthy people should cost zero

Nowadays health insurers are providing benefits to the insureds not only by bearing the medical expenses but also by adding options to the policy for their better health.  Like a health coach Discount in the renewal premium for following any healthy habit and making a difference to their health.  Especially in India, it’s difficult to […]

vector image of maternity insurance - GET YOUR 15 LACS HEALTH INSURANCE AT NO ADDITIONAL COST

How to get your 15 lakh Health Insurance at no additional cost for the next 14 years?

Are you planning to get married? Are you prepared for the roles and responsibilities that come with it? Every milestone in your life brings more responsibilities. Manage them well with a beautifully designed health insurance policy that covers Maternity expenses up to Rs.1.5 lacs. If you take this policy just 3 years before becoming a […]