Why is Health Insurance Important?


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The pandemic has made the world realize that medical emergencies are unpredictable and can cause a financial catastrophe so huge that it would be impossible to bear the burden without the aid of insurance.

Treatment in a private hospital can derail your finances, and it becomes more difficult if the breadwinner of the home suffers from any diagnosis.

Therefore, having health insurance for your family is important. It could protect you from a financial crisis in such situations.

By paying reasonable premiums to insurance companies, you can have a decent Health Insurance plan to protect your family.

And if your sum insured is exhausted during the policy period, you could also have restore/recharge benefits in your policy that automatically refills your sum insured.

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Top 5 Reasons to consider having a Health Insurance Policy

We recommend you refer to the detailed terms and conditions mentioned by the insurer while opting for personal health insurance policy.

If you find it difficult to compare the right policy for your family, always take the help of your Intermediary.

At Ethika, our Experts can help choose the right policy upon understanding your requirements.

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