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I walked into my bedroom, after my dinner and a stroll. It is already past 8 PM. My wife, Sharada (Saru, as I lovingly call her) also would have retired by now.

As I entered, I saw my Saru standing at the fully open French window, gazing at the moon, with wide-open arms, as if receiving the warm energy of the bright full moon. She looked like an angel in

The pearl white nightgown snugged her sand-clock figure. The thick locks of black hair, cascading down till her waistline made her look all the more beautiful.  My joy knew no bounds, viewing the dual moons

Slowly, I tiptoed and gently hugged her from behind, arms around her waist, chin over her left shoulder, gently rubbing my right cheek against her warm left cheek. Instinctively, she moved her arms down cupping her palms on mine. The cool breeze gently ruffled her fragrant hair and tickled my face. We stood still. In the silent warmth of moonlight through the rustling tree leaves, we were breathing synchronously, our hearts beating in a rhythm.

You should sleep now, she whispered. You have an early morning flight to catch.

Together, we turned, walked towards the bed. As she loosened her waist belt, I lied down flat on my back. Crawling into the bed, she pulled right hand up, cozily tucked herself beside me, resting her head on my right arm.

Please make sure, you return the latest by the 4th morning. She spoke gently into my ears, fidgeting with my shirt button

Difficult, a lot to complete before I return. I responded. Why Anything specific? I asked.

See, you forgot again. This time she sounded a little annoyed.

It’s Karwa Chauth, Buddhu. She asserted in a soft voice, pulling my nose.

Ouch!! It hurts, I blurted

She chuckled, letting my nose go

Just kidding, actually, I have return tickets on the 3rd afternoon. I have an off on 4th. So, will be with you all time. I added

She swiftly turned, held my head tight, and kissed my cheek. Thank you! she said sounding very happy and dozed off.

This is our 15th Karwa Chauth. Each time, I make sure I am with her as long as possible if not the whole day. Why not? She has been fasting religiously every year, for my good health and long life. So, I can keep winning the bread for my family, while she makes a beautiful home

A flash of thought, startled me, sending a chill down my spine. What if, something untoward happens to me, or my wife.

What happens to all our goals,

our dreams

our lifestyle

our children’s future

they are still so young

Though, I planned to an extent, and saved some money, am I adequately protected. I thought.

Is it enough for my wife fasting every Karwa Chauth?

Seeking Divine Blessings is great, how about my responsibility?

Ethika, I need your help. Are you still awake? Grabbed my phone and quickly messaged my close friend and aide.

Yes, how can I help you? Thankfully he responded

We exchanged a few messages, and while Ethika promised me to take care of my needs, I hit the bed trying to catch up some sleep for the early morning travel.

Saru was very happy to see me back. We fasted together, offering prayers to our family deity and attending live Satsang.

As the Moon set in, we went up to the terrace for offering the evening prayers. As she turned around to see me through the sieve, I stood there amazed. Clad in her red dress, she looked no less than a Goddess to me. So beautiful, So divine, So Powerful.

I took the meal plate, and with utmost love and devotion, I fed her the first morsel of this auspicious day. She started chewing slowly, looking at me with all her love and affection. In her eyes, I could feel her gratitude, for making us a great couple.

She quickly bent down to touch my feet.

Happy Karwa Chauth. God Bless us with eternal bonding. I said

Holding her by her shoulders, I gently pulled her up and presented the packet I got for her on this special occasion

She quickly opened it. Looks like some docket, she said. Gifting me all your property, she smirked

Yes, have a look at it. I said

She quickly browsed through the papers and lifted her head with moist eyes.

Term insurance plans One for you and One for me. This is all I could think of, to complement your prayers for our safety and prosperity.

While you pray for my health and longevity, I wanted to secure all our family dreams and goals.

Thank you, She said hugging me tightly.

We both must thank the health insurance people, for making it happen. I said. They are the one – securing all our dreams and goals, with his ring of protection.  Thank you, Ethika. Gratitude

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