“your insurance policy does not cover this” don’t here this ever from insurer


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Customer – I want to claim my laptop theft.
Insurer Claim Manager -Oh I am so sorry? How did you lose it?
Customer – I actually lost my car key in during parking and someone stole the laptop from my car.
Claim manager – Oh I am so sorry. It is not covered as it is called “negligence” in Insurance.
Customer – (after two days), it was not because of my lost key. I think my driver ran away with the laptop.
Claim manager – It’s called infidelity not theft. You did not cover Infidelity in your insurance policy.
Customer – (after two days), My driver came back. I don’t know how the thief took the laptop?
Claim Manager – Was there any forced entry in the car?
Customer – No
Claim Manager – In your policy only Burglary is covered which needs a forced entry. Yours is a case of theft which is usually offered as an extension to Burglary offer. You forgot to cover it at the time of taking the policy.
Customer – Next time I will buy Insurance only from an Insurance broker.

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