About Ethika Insurance Broking

A new kind of insurance broker that combines technology and innovation to make Employee
Health Insurance Simple, Humane and Proactive
In other words,Employee Health Insurance that covers not only sickness
but Employee Wellbeing & Happiness too :-)

Specially suited for Small and Mid Size Companies.

Our Super Human Tales

I was Insulted by a venture capitalist.

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This was my first and only pitch, which lasted for five minutes. In my mind, I was confident that I would get break-even after six months and just wanted a safety net of salaries for the first six months in case anything goes wrong.

Having listened to me for five minutes, he told me it was impossible to build a business in this competitive insurance industry, so he didn't want to waste time talking to me. He suggested I get back to my job and forget about my entrepreneurial dreams. Although I was prepared to listen to his NO, I was not prepared to hear it in the way he said it.

I felt disappointed and angry.

I knew he was wrong.

"One day you will come to me", I told myself.

In the same month, I sold whatever property i had and generated enough funds to last an entire year.

We closed last year with 14 crores in revenue and 45% profit.

Thanks to that venture capitalist, our company is still 100% bootstrapped, profitable from its first year itself, and doubling revenue every year.

The fact that our business is bootstrapped helps us to spend every rupee wisely and to hire wisely.

The fact that we are a bootstrapped business allows us to be more innovative than our competition.

At a client's birthday party two years ago, I met the same VC.

It took him a while to remember me at first. Upon recall, I am not sure what he thought, but I felt proud.