How India can be transformed by HR leaders

My starting point for a happier life was when I got introduced to a coach.

Throughout his coaching, I went from "how not to be unhappy" to "how to become happier at work."

There has been no looking back since then, for me happiness has become a habit and success is a result.

Not every employee of ours is lucky to find such a good coach by themselves.

However, they can be made lucky if we can transform HR leaders into Employee Happiness Coaches.

The first step would be to train Senior HR leaders to implement the happiness at work culture in their own organizations.

Just a quick search on Linkedin and I can identify 90000 such HR leaders with more than 10 years of experience in India.

Fortunately, we are in the age of remote learning, and it shouldn't be difficult to make these 90K HR leaders master the science of Workplace Happiness within their own organization.

These 90,000 HR leaders in turn can be encouraged to mentor other smaller organisations as a part of their corporate CSR.

Even if these 90,000 HR leaders mentor just 10 small organisations, we are talking about 90 lac organisations being impacted paving the way to a happier corporate India.

When we do this, 3 magical things will happen.

  • Human Resources jobs which are mainly driven by women and considered thankless will take the shape of something immensely valuable. I consider this to be true women empowerment.
  • When we create happy employees, it will create happier families and happier kids which means a happier society.
  • The companies will become super productive and highly innovative. The dream of making India "sone ki chidiya" once again will come true.

The purpose of creating the workshop "from HR to CEO" is on this premise.