Steps to Get the Fire Insurance Claim


We buy fire insurance to protect our property. The property may be residential or commercial, owned or rented. Insurance not only provides protection against natural or man-made disasters but also assures policyholders that in the event of any unfortunate event, the insurance company is there to assist in any way.

In order to ensure a quick and reliable claim process, it is important to have fire insurance from a trusted provider. In order to make the process more straightforward, it is always advisable to carefully read your insurance policy.

To avoid fire insurance claim problems at the time of need, do this:

  1. Be clear about the coverages you want
  2. Ask for additional coverage, if required
  3. Take all necessary fire fighting precautions
  4. Inform your insurance provider immediately
  5. Analyze the risk of exposure(s)
  6. Have a trusted insurance broker partner
  7. Thoroughly read your policy

Steps to follow for a smooth and quick-fire insurance claim:

  1. Do not panic: We understand that this could be the most terrible situation anyone can experience. But the good news is you have got your fire insurance. Take your time and examine the situation on your own before you rush into anything.
  2. Intimation to the insurance company: You should now notify the insurance company about the fire-related destruction. If you have experienced an incident and a loss, you can call their toll-free number or contact them via email.
    As you convey information about the incident and the damage, you do not need to be exact. An approximate description will do.In no way should you tamper with proofs. A professional surveyor will come and examine the situation
  3. Submit the claim request carefully: The next very important step is to submit fill the claim form and submit it to the insurer as soon as possible.

Checklist - Fire Insurance Claim

The fire insurance claim checklist demands the below information:

  • Date of loss
  • Location
  • Police FIR copy
  • Summary of damaged contents
  • The current condition of the infrastructure
  • Any injuries
  • Others enlisted

Note: Do not remove burnt items or repair any damaged items until the surveyor comes to assess the property.

  • Survey: Once you follow the above procedures, the insurance company will assign a surveyor. The surveyor will evaluate the property as well as the contents. Be ready with the following documents:
  • Original insurance policy
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Photographs of the damage
  • Previous claims experienced
  • Police FIR copy
  • Fire brigade report (if necessary)
  • Survey report
  • Claim Settlement: The insurance company will analyze the damage in detail. As part of the assessment, they will consider factors such as the reason for the fire, the fire precautions taken immediately by the insurer, and counterfeit cases. In the absence of a dispute between the parties, the insurance company will release the final claim amount to the insured.

Conclusion: Losing your house or personal property is one of the most devastating experiences,, yet we advise you to have faith in your insurance company.

Do not be hurry, take your time to evaluate and analyze all the damages. Make a list of everything you’ve lost and don’t throw anything away. Disclose all accurate details of the event before the claim adjuster.

When a fire insurance claim is denied, know and understand the reasons why it was rejected, and be prepared to question your insurer.

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