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Get Fire Insurance Policy Premium Rates for your Home

If I ask you how many of you have a Fire Insurance policy for your home? Chances are unless it was enforced upon you by the bank you got your loan from, 90% of you might say you don’t have one. Let’s understand the fire insurance premium rates for your home with the following example: […]

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Advantages You Should Know About Commercial Fire Insurance Policy

An enterprise, big or small, is the culmination of years of effort and a lifetime of investment. Our business is protected from any evil eye by all means before it is set up, especially in India. However, is our business prepared for disasters? Has it been protected against fire damage? What are the commercial fire […]

Steps to Get the Fire Insurance Claim

We buy fire insurance to protect our property. The property may be residential or commercial, owned or rented. Insurance not only provides protection against natural or man-made disasters but also assures policyholders that in the event of any unfortunate event, the insurance company is there to assist in any way. In order to ensure a […]