How Should Start-ups get Group Health Insurance?


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This is the most frequently asked question by startup founders.

Though it is not mandatory to offer Group Health Insurance to the Employees for white-collar Employees, the organizations provide this as a benefit to the Employees as every other organization is doing so.

Employees expect to get Health Insurance benefits from the Employer, as it comes with wider benefits in Group Health Insurance, which are not available in Individual Insurance Policies in India.

Firstly, it is important to determine the kind of Health Insurance that we should offer to employees.

For employers, not only is it a good way to attract top talent but as you grow, you will eventually be required to offer it.

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What to Consider When Planning for Group Health Insurance

  • Based on your location and presence, first, arrive at the sum insured to take care of maximum needs.
  • It is always recommended to consult with an Insurance Broker to help negotiate with multiple Insurers & implement the policy.

How many employees do you need to be considered a group?

What benefits I should look at while offering a group health plan to my team?

It is very important to have the following benefits in your Group Health Insurance.

Room rent is a critical part of group policy. Make sure that it is decently kept at a minimum of  ₹ 6,000 or above. Otherwise, employees may end up paying huge proportionate deductions at the time of the health insurance claims.

A newborn baby is covered from day one.

How much does a group plan cost?

The premiums vary from Insurer to Insurer, If you can take the help of an Insurance Broker, They will help you by giving you a comparison spreadsheet of various companies along with benefits.


The pandemic has made the entire world realize the fact that Health Insurance is important to protect us from financial havoc.

Offering health insurance on a group or individual basis is always a great benefit to employees.

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How many staff
do you need to cover?

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