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    Why you need Insurance Broker for Group Mediclaim

    The way Insurers designed our health insurance claims processing is simply UNDEFINED.
    You'll never know what you get until AFTER you pay.

    You had a fully loaded Health Insurance policy.

    You have paid a premium every year without any delays.

    You got sick ( let's say because of Corona) on some unfortunate day.

    You file an Insurance Claim.

    Insurer says it is not covered since the treatment was taken at home and you do not have "Domiciliary hospitalisation cover in policy”

    You feel cheated!

    Your father got a pain in his chest at night 2 AM.

    You expected it to be a heart attack.

    You called an ambulance and took him to the emergency ward.

    Doctor does a lot of lab tests till 8 AM.

    The pain was some gastric issue.

    Doctor discharges him at morning 9AM and gives you a bill of 40000.

    You are happy that your father is total healthy.

    You file an Insurance Claim.

    Insurer rejects it saying “No Inline treatment given”

    You feel cheated!

    You received a bill of 5 lacs from the hospital.

    You file an Insurance Claim as your policy has coverage of 10 lacs.

    Insurer approves it only for 3 lacs.

    When asked why so less, they say “ Reasonable and customary charges clause in policy”

    You feel cheated!

    We can give you 100s of examples like this.

    We live in a world where almost everything is automated and made easier for us. From our banking to our mail and even our insurance claims. But unfortunately, human emotions can't be automated. Health insurance involves a lot of emotions as the claimant himself or his family member is sick. Thats where you need a person who can say “ you take care of your family member, I will take care of your insurance claim”

    Unfortunately, not all insurance companies are as transparent as they should be. The worst thing that could happen is that you have to deal with an insurance company that is not going to be fair with you. They could decide that they are going to make you go through all of the hassle and paperwork of dealing with them and then they are going to be very unreasonable in the amount of money that they are willing to pay.

    The insurance industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. It's one of the biggest industries in the world and it's growing every year. Unfortunately, many companies are struggling to keep up with the demand of their customers. So even if the insurer genuinely cares about you, it can still delay the claims.

    The world of insurance is one that is constantly changing and evolving, with new policies, regulations and products. You don't want to go through the legal clauses and their impact on your claim.

    Now imagine if you could spend the next 3 minutes with a real live person, help you fill up the claim form with all the relevant papers, answer all insurer questions, and help you file an Insurance Claim, follow up and get the money transferred into your bank account.

    That's exactly what you get when you enroll with Ethika.