3 options for the high Treatment cost of Covid


image of Corona treatment cost

Worried about the high Treatment cost of COVID?
Here are the 3 options you have

Option A: Ask for an additional Corporate Floater from the Same Insurer

Any claim crossing the normal sum insured can be paid from this corporate Floater.
You should have a minimum of 40 lacs buffer, for a group size of 1000 employees.

Option B: Take a separate Group Top-up policy covering only COVID treatments

This will cover the expenses of COVID over and above your Group Health Insurance policy.
The approximate cost for coverage of Rs.5 lacs is Rs.500 per Life.

Option C: Advice your employees to take an Individual Super Top-up policy

A 25 lacs cover for COVID with a deductible of 5 lacs comes at Rs.1648/-
The only issue is that it comes with 30 days waiting period.

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