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Health Insurance for Healthy people should cost zero


Nowadays health insurers are providing benefits to the insureds not only by bearing the medical expenses but also by adding options to the policy for their better health. 

Like Health coach

Discount in renewal premium for following any healthy habit and making a difference to their health. 

I believe slowly this idea will take better shape and new products can be created which pays the insured if he or she meets some health factors by following a healthy routine. 

People are generally risk-averse but when it’s a matter of buying health insurance, they are mostly reluctant assuming nothing would happen to them. 

Especially in India, it’s difficult to make people buy insurance on the fact that, if some uncertainty happens and they get hospitalized. 

Rather I believe it’s easier to sell a product that would give a good return on premium if they follow some healthy habit and make a difference in their health condition. The overall return on the premium can be combined with saving on tax and it should be larger than what they actually end up paying as premium.

People who are reluctant to buy health insurance to save money would be the most potential people who would try to improve their health and buy a policy to earn more money. 

And we have a larger portion of people of this mentality in India.

What is your opinion on this?

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