Things You Must Ask from Your Insurance Broker before taking a Group Health Insurance Plan


Things Must Ask from Insurance Broker about group health insurance plan

A group health insurance policy covers a group of people under a single policy removing the need to take individual policies, in simple words group health insurance policy is a master policy which has the details of all the insured members. It is beneficial for customers to take group health insurance from an insurance broker as they provide the best quotes and coverage from various insurance companies. Having an insurance broker for group health insurance requirements increases the options available with the customer as insurance brokers can provide quotes from multiple insurance companies. Insurance brokers can provide exemplary service when it comes to group health insurance as they can provide value added services in addition to the basic services under the group health plans. Things you must ask from your  broker before taking a group health insurance plan are whether they are offering value added services such as employee assistance program, employee happiness program, employee engagement program, employee wellness program, employee benefit management software and red carpet claims assistance.

Here are the list of things you must your insurance broker before taking a group health insurance plan:

  1. Employee Happiness Program: The employee happiness program is based on the scientific process which includes 5 key elements framework to employee happiness at the workplace. The program aims to boost employees’ productivity at the workplace by transforming them from feeling bored to feeling excited about the workplace. It has been proven time and again that employee happiness contributes to increased productivity for the employees and the organization. Insurance brokers help you to develop your strategies based on the framework to increase the happiness among your employees. Employee happiness would also help the organization to reduce the attrition rate. 
  1. Employee Assistance Program: The employee assistance program helps employees deal with stress, anxiety, and depression. There would be various reasons contributing to the stress on the employees and these could be internal as well as external. Employee assistance programs help the organizations to recover employees by dealing with their problems effectively. As a part of this program there would be financial counseling sessions, psychological counseling sessions, parenting counseling sessions, legal counseling sessions and relationship counseling sessions. 
  1. Employee Engagement Program: The program aims to increase the engagement of the employees by increasing their participating in the organizational decision making process. The program engages not only the employees but their families too. This program consists of Online daily guided meditation, weekly wellness webinars and Vitamin “H” which is the positive motivation of the employees. The engagement of employees with the organization affects the performance of the employees. Research mentions that employees who are affectionate to their company would perform well. The point worth noting is that employees who are financially invested expect returns whereas those who are emotionally invested focus on the growth of the organization in return for appreciation as an expectation. It is therefore very important to engage the employees so that the overall growth of the organization as well as the employees is achieved. 
  1. Employee Wellness Program: The employee wellness program also known as workplace wellness program is a health program that aims to increase the wellness of the employees at the workplace  through preventive measures. This program includes routine health checkup, health risk assessment, unlimited 1-1 doctor consultation, 1-1 nutrition consultation, organization health report. A company’s health quotient (HQ) directly impacts its Emotional quotient (EQ) as well as its Intelligent Quotient (IQ). 
  1. Employee Benefit Management Software: The employee benefit management software is a software that links the employee portal of the insurance company with that of the insurance broker’s systems. With this the insured need not share the data to the insurance broker or the insurance company every time an employee joins or leaves the organization. The insured can directly enter the details of joinees and employees leaving the organization so that the courage would start immediately depending on the availability of the premium with the insurance broker.
  1. Red Carpet Claims Assistance: The red carpet claim assistance service aims at providing immediate claim resolution to the employees. Employees can submit the relevant documents related to the claim and sit back and relax when their claim is being handled by an insurance broker. The insurance broker would take care of the claim settlement service on a priority basis.

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