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Liability Landscape Transformed with AI

Can AI Transform the Liability Landscape?

There is a hop in your step. And why not, you saved about 7000 bucks on a personal liability policy.  A personal what, you ask? Well, the hallmark of an evolving society is its litigious nature. As we evolve, as a democracy, we might be slow, but we are surely becoming one. And it would […]

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Transformation of Property Insurance in India

Unpacking AI’s Transformation of Property Insurance in India

The Indian property insurance landscape, long reliant on traditional methods, is experiencing a rapid shift propelled by artificial intelligence (AI). This disruptive technology promises increased efficiency, personalized protection, and proactive risk mitigation, redefining the industry for both insurers and policyholders. Let’s explore how AI is revolutionizing key aspects of property insurance in India. Fraud Detection: […]

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