Why health insurance companies charge so much premiums to senior citizens who really need it?


When we reach the age of 45, our metabolism rate changes, and we begin to attract lifestyle diseases.

As a result, the risk of getting sick increases.

The idea of health insurance is to cover sick individuals with the help of premiums paid by many healthy individuals.  

Therefore, the premiums need to be high enough to cover the increased risk of old age. 

This is why insurance premiums begin to rise exponentially after age 45.

Whenever you buy a policy for the first time, you should not just look at current year premiums, but also how the insurer charges premiums when you get older.

Some policies don’t increase their premiums beyond a specific age, such as 65. 

Ethika can give you a good comparison of all the best possible options for senior citizens.

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Susheel Agarwal

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