Planning to Travel Abroad? Here are The Countries That Mandate Travel Insurance


Planning to Travel Abroad Here are The Countries That Mandate Travel Insurance

Travel is one of the ways of relieving stress and exploring different parts of the World. Many people turn to travel when they are stressed or when they need leisure, and some even travel to different places for work-related purposes. Recently, we have a new set of people who travel around the World, document their memories, and share them with their followers, and these people are known popularly as travel vloggers. Travelling can be fun and exciting when appropriately planned, but we should also be ready with an alternative when travelling to a foreign location.

Travel insurance is one of the most important things to consider before travelling abroad. It is as important as your daily consumables, clothes and other things. They might have a health insurance policy covering their health-related expenses. Still, it is important to understand that your health insurance policy has its geographical limits and will not be valid once you cross India (except for plans with a global cover).

Some countries have mandated travel insurance, either when applying for a visa or upon arrival in their country. Let’s discuss the list of countries that have mandated travel insurance before entering their country. In certain cases, with a valid travel insurance policy, you might get a travel visa to these countries. Let’s explain the travel insurance requirement at the visa or on-arrival stage, the minimum sum insured required, and the coverage required in a travel insurance policy to travel to these countries.

Travel Insurance Requirements for Different Countries:

Country NameAt Which StageMinimum Sum Insured RequirementCoverage Required
AlgeriaVisa€30,000Repatriation, Medical Expenses, Third Party Liability, Loss & Theft, Cancellations and Delays
AntarcticaBefore Expedition$150,000Medical Evacuation & Repatriation, Hospitalization, Trip Delays etc.
CubaOn ArrivalAdequate Amount- Not SpecifiedMedical Expenses
EcuadorOn Arrival$50,000 in Emergency Medical Coverage and $100,000 in Emergency Medical Evacuation CoverHospitalization and Emergency Evacuation
JordanVisa/On ArrivalAdequate Amount- Not SpecifiedTheft and Loss of Valuables, Cancellations, Hospitalization etc.
NepalOn Arrival- Required for Trekking or Engaging in Adventurous SportsAdequate amount- Not SpecifiedHospitalization and Emergency Evacuation
QatarOn ArrivalEmergency Medical Treatment- QAR 150,000
Emergency Repatriation- QAR 10,000
Emergency Medical Assistance- QAR 35,000
Medical Treatment, Repatriation Expenses, Ambulance etc.
RussiaVisa€35,000Repatriation, Hospitalization etc.
RwandaVisa/On ArrivalAdequate Amount- Not SpecifiedHospitalization Cover, Accident Cover, Repatriation Cover.
Saudi ArabiaOn ArrivalAdequate Amount- Not specifiedRepatriation, Emergency Medical Expenses
Schengen Visa CountriesVisa€30,000/ $50,000Hospitalization Cover, Accident Cover, Repatriation Cover.
SeychellesOn ArrivalAdequate Amount- Not SpecifiedRepatriation, Emergency Medical Expenses
TurkeyVisaAdequate Amount- Not SpecifiedMedical Treatment, Repatriation Expenses, Ambulance etc.
UkraineVisa€30,000/ $50,000Hospitalization Cover, Accident Cover, Repatriation Cover.
UAEVisaAdequate Amount- Not Specified (Travel Insurance Required Only if Visa is Required for Travel)Medical Treatment, Repatriation Expenses, Ambulance etc.
RomaniaVisa€30,000/ $50,000Hospitalization Cover, Accident Cover, Repatriation Cover.
EgyptOn ArrivalAdequate Amount- Not SpecifiedMedical Treatment, Repatriation Expenses, Ambulance etc.
  • At which stage refers to the stages- before visa approval and before landing in the country. Some countries require travel insurance before visa approval, whereas some countries require travel insurance before entering the country. 
  • The minimum sum insured requirement is the minimum amount of travel insurance sum insured that should be taken by a traveller while entering a country.
  • The required coverage includes the coverage specified in the policy, such as repatriation, dental, personal accident, and hospitalization coverage. 
  • The list of Schengen Countries with Schengen visas requiring Schengen travel insurance is as follows: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. 
  • Countries such as The U.S.A., Canada, the U.K. and other destinations may require travel insurance for students visiting the country for academic purposes.

Disclaimer: This post is informational and should not be taken at face value. Before planning your travel, you are advised to check the current travel insurance requirements.


  1. What is a travel insurance policy?

    A travel insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and the insured customer in which the insurer agrees to compensate the insured for the losses suffered due to an insured peril during the policy period in return for a nominal amount known as a premium.

  2. What are the top international destinations for Indians in 2023?

    Thailand, Dubai, Singapore, and Bali are the top international destinations for tourists from India. Of these, Dubai occupies the prime spot, followed by Bangkok. Other key destinations emerging as new favourites include Hong Kong, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Istanbul, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

  3. Is it better to purchase travel insurance in India or the destination country?

    Travel insurance can be purchased in India from here, or you may get it from the country you visit. However, you should consider the cost of travel insurance if you purchase it from your destination country. In most cases, travel insurance costs are low when you buy it from India instead of the destination country.

  4. Is cashless claim settlement available in travel insurance?

    Yes. A cashless claim settlement facility is also available with travel insurance plans. However, due to the limited scope of Indian insurance companies in a foreign country, the number of hospitals offering cashless facilities would be low. On the other hand, a reimbursement facility is available for all travel insurance claims.

  5. What is emergency evacuation and repatriation cover?

    Emergency evacuation cover in a travel insurance policy refers to shifting the insured from one hospital to another or from the destination country to India in an emergency. Medical emergency evacuation and repatriation cover is applicable only on the advice of the treating doctor, keeping in mind the condition of the insured policyholder.

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