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    ARCHITECTS - Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Architects are subject to professional liability as a direct result of the higher expectations placed on them due to their specialized education and training. Their work involves complex decisions and responsibilities—designing projects, supervising an office, observing construction, achieving client satisfaction, and ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Many a times, people fail to understand that an architect can be held liable for the negligence of contractors and others working on a project, or that negligence claims can be based on faulty cost estimates or delays in construction and when such claims does go to trial, even a big firm can be bankrupted just trying to get a dismissal.

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    Premium Chart

    ParticularsPremium excluding Service Tax (INR)
    Limit (INR)
    Gross Annual Income (INR) up to25,00,00050,00,0001,00,00,0002,00,00,000
    Deductible (INR)50,00050,00050,0001,00,000
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