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    Health insurance for Senior Citizens

    Health insurance is for healthy people.

    Unfortunately, this is true!

    This is why we see Insurance companies avoiding to offer Health Insurance Policies to people who’ve crossed a certain age (usually above 45 yrs., when the metabolism rate of a person slows down). Even if they give, they apply a lot of conditions or sub-limits, and it comes with huge premiums. The Morbidity rate further explains the reason behind this. Morbidity ratio is the likelihood of 1 person falling sick out of every 100 people. As per the insurers’ statistics, the morbidity rate for people under 45yrs of age is usually 3-5%. Whereas the morbidity rate for people more than 45yrs of age can be as high as 10-15%. This is the reason why insurance companies avoid covering people falling under the higher age group.

    Most of us have our parents covered under our organisation’s group policies , hence we usually don’t consider taking a separate personal (retail) Health insurance policy for parents. However, it is being seen that most organisations today have started restricting the coverage’s for parents, even in cases where the premium is being collected from the employees. This is because of the high claims ratio that the organisations end up with. Some of the organisations have gone to the extent of discontinuing coverage for employees’ parents.

    Even if your current employer covers your parents in the policy, imagine, tomorrow, if you join a new organisation which does not offer coverage for your parents, it is then, when you’ll actually realize how difficult it is to get coverage for your parents.

    Unfortunately, the employers who give coverage for parents, usually give it only in the range of 2-5 lacs sum-insured. But to manage our parent’s health expenses this we know is just not enough. It might be enough to cover minor illnesses like flu, dengue etc., but definitely not enough to cover major illnesses like Cancer, heart ailments, joint replacements etc.,

    But do not despair, to suggest you with all the help you need to get the best policy and coverage for your parents, we’ve a team of experts.

    • In a retail health insurance policy, even if you claim, the policy premium does not increase during the renewal.
    • The insurance company cannot refuse you renewal even if you raise claims, every year.
    • The policy can be renewed for lifetime, irrespective of the current age of parent.
    • After a certain waiting period, the pre-existing disease also gets included in the policy.

    But do not despair, to suggest you with all the help you need to get the best policy and coverage for your parents, we’ve a team of experts.