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Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance

IFFCO Tokio general insurance company was incorporated in the year 2000 after obtaining necessary approvals from Insurance regulatory and development authority of India, as a joint venture between the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited also called as IFFCO, which is the World’s largest fertilizer manufacturer, and Tokio Marine group, one of the largest insurance companies in Japan. IFFCO owns 51% of the stake in the company whereas Tokio Marine group owns 49%. IFFCO Tokio has a nationwide presence including the rural and semi urban areas which provided a great platform for IFFCO Tokio to expand in these areas. Readmore...

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    IFFCO Tokio general insurance company offers various insurance products such as Car insurance, group health insurance, personal or retail health insurance , travel insurance, engineering insurance, liability insurance etc. The underwriting support for IFFCO Tokio was provided by Tokio Marine group and it helped the company underwrite many big projects with good COR. IFFCO Tokio is the first company to set up Bima Kendras in rural areas, which are single person operated centers. The aim of Bima Kendras was to improve insurance penetration in the rural areas. View less...

    Key Benefits of IFFCO Tokio GHI

    Here are the key benefits of IFFCO Tokio GHI

    Human Surgery Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance Coverage on Critical illness & Advanced Technological surgeries

    The major benefit of IFFCO Tokio GHI is the coverage for Critical illness in the group health insurance policy as well as the retail health insurance policy. The coverage for critical illness depends on the sum insured option availed by the customer. The payout in case of critical illness would be lump sum as the critical illness cover is a benefit based cover which provides the entire sum insured in case of diagnosis. The other benefit of IFFCO Tokio health insurance is the coverage for advanced technological surgeries which would either come under the daycare treatment of a part of the in-patient treatments.

    Variable Sum Insured options Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance Variable Sum Insured options

    The another benefit of IFFCO Tokio general insurance is that there are variable sum insured options such as Rs.1.5 Lakhs to Rs.30 Lakhs which are the pre underwritten sum insured options available for the customers. If the customer requires a sum insured above the pre underwritten amount the proposal should be routed through the underwriter to decide on the merits of the case.

    Daily allowance Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance Daily allowance

    Daily allowance would be provided to the insured in case of hospitalization for more than a certain number of days. The maximum amount of daily allowance that would be provided is 0.15% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of Rs.1000 per day.

    No Co-pay Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance No Co-pay

    The major benefit of Iffco tokio health insurance is that there is no compulsory co-pay which means that the customer can opt for voluntary co-pay. This option facilitates the customer to decide on the premium payment according to the co-pay in the iffco tokio medical insurance.

    Lifelong & Online renewal Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance Lifelong & Online renewal

    Another benefit of iffco tokio health insurance is that the insurance policy can be renewed online without the need to visit the branch. The renewal of most of the health insurance policies would be lifelong which means the validity would be as long as decided by the insured customer. The condition is that there should not be break in the continuity of the IFFCO tokio medical insurance policy.

    IFFCO Tokio Advantage

    There are certain other advantages of Iffco tokio which are mentioned below

    Lump Sum payout Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance Lump Sum payout

    • The major advantage of iffco tokio medical insurance is that it provides lump sum payout in case of critical illness cover which is available in the health insurance policy.
    • The lump sum payment would only be for the critical illness cover as it is a benefit based policy unlike the base health insurance policy which is an indemnity based policy.
    • The lump sum payout can be utilized to get treated anywhere in India or abroad and the policy would cease to exist.

    Top-up plans Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance Top-up plans

    • Iffco Tokio has a top up and super top plan known as the Health protector plus policy which can be availed as a top up policy or a super top up policy in addition to the group medical insurance or the retail health insurance .
    • The difference between the top up and super top up policy is that the deductible per claim would be applicable on per claim basis in top up whereas in super top up it would be on aggregate of all the claims in an year basis.

    Vast Network Hospitals Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance Vast network hospitals

    • Iffco tokio has a vast network of hospitals which are tied up for offering cashless claim settlement facility to their customers.
    • There are more than 7500 network hospitals all over India to offer cashless claim settlement facilities to the customers.
    • The cashless claim settlement approval would be given under 2 hours making the cashless process effective and beneficial to the customer. Iffco tokio network hospitals list is available here.

    Easy Online Application Process Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance Easy online application process

    • Another advantage of IFFCO Tokio medical insurance is the easy online application process.
    • Health insurance policy can now be taken online without the need to visit any branch or intermediary.
    • Iffco tokio provides discounts on online purchase of health insurance as well as renewal of health insurance.
    • The claim settlement process of Iffco tokio is also simple and is considered as one of the best in the insurance industry.
    • Claim settlement can be done through Cashless basis or reimbursement basis.

    In-house Claim settlement Vector Icon - Iffco-Tokio Group Health Insurance In-house Claim settlement

    • The other important thing about Iffco tokio general insurance is that it has an in-house claim settlement process which means all the claims and claim related approvals would be handled by the in-house claim settlement team.
    • This is important and beneficial to the customers as customers can get the approvals within a short period of time and the claim settlement would be done quickly without a need for a third party in the process.