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Edelweiss general insurance company is one of the general insurance companies in India. It started its operations in India in the year 2016 after obtaining a license from the Insurance regulatory and development authority of India. Edelweiss general insurance is a subsidiary of Edelweiss financial services private limited, one of the leading financial services companies in India. Edelweiss general insurance offers a diverse insurance products such as Edelweiss health insurance, Edelweiss general insurance policies such as motor insurance , liability insurance, engineering insurance, fire insurance, home insurance etc. Readmore...

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    Edelweiss general insurance has the highest claim settlement ratio of up to 98%. Edelweiss general insurance claim settlement ratio varies each year depending on the number of claims reported and the number of claims settled.

    Edelweiss health insurance is one of the best health insurance products in the Indian insurance market. Edelweiss general insurance company offers different group health insuranceproducts such as Group health insurance, group total protect, Group domestic travel, Group Corona policy, Group janata personal accident policy. View less...

    Key Benefits of Edelweiss general insurance

    Edelweiss general insurance has certain key benefits in its health insurance policies when compared with its competitors which are mentioned below

    Emergency Ambulance Expenses Vector Icon - Edelweiss General Group Health InsuranceEmergency Ambulance expenses

    Edelweiss health insurance policy pays up to 10k INR as emergency ambulance expenses. These expenses are offered on an indemnity basis which means that the expenses would be paid after the production of receipts. To avail the emergency ambulance expenses the following criteria should be met

    • The trip should be from the place of medical emergency to the nearest hospital
    • The trip can be from one hospital to another, where the required care was not available at the first hospital.
    • Trip to another hospital or test center only for checkups and tests are not covered.
    • The claim should be accepted under the Edelweiss health insurance policy for the ambulance benefit to be payable.
    • The maximum limit of Rs.10k per person applies for the individual sum insured and per family for the family floater sum insured.

    Recovery Benefit Vector Icon - Edelweiss General Group Health Insurance Recovery benefit

    Edelweiss health insurance provides a fixed amount up to a maximum of Rs.5000 per day in case of hospitalization more than 10 continuous days. The benefit would be payable after the first 10 days of hospitalization and would continue till the 20th day of hospitalization for one illness or accident. The other condition to avail this benefit from edelweiss general insurance company is that the hospitalization should be continuous for one illness or accident. The minimum and maximum amount under the recovery benefit is Rs.500 and Rs.5000 per day respectively.

    Wellness and Preventive Care Vector Icon - Edelweiss General Group Health Insurance Wellness and Preventive care

    There are certain wellness and preventive care measures which are provided by the Edelweiss health insurance policy such as the outpatient consultation which can be taken on a cashless basis through any of the network hospitals available on the list. The outpatient consultation would be with a general medical practitioner , specialist doctor, physiotherapist, dentist or ophthalmologist. Lifestyle management programs such as ways to stop smoking, stress management etc. will be provided by educating the insured members to become more aware of their health and proactively manage their health. Each insured person will have access to a wellness coach. All the above mentioned programs would be app/web/chat/ call based with/without the wearable devices.

    Corporate Buffer Vector Icon - Edelweiss General Group Health Insurance Corporate Buffer

    Corporate buffer is the additional sum insured taken by your organization to cover your extra sum insured requests due to any hospitalization. Corporate buffer acts as the normal sum insured and covers the cost of treatment which is more than the base sum insured of the member. This buffer cannot be utilized for the treatment of illness or diseases which already have a sub limit under the policy. The maximum liability of the insurance company would be as specified in the policy document. There are different corporate buffer options available to the customers ranging from Rs.5 Lakhs to Rs.5 Crore.

    Edelweiss Advantage

    There are certain advantages of Edelweiss health insurance when compared to its competitors in the Indian market which are mentioned below

    Single Point of Contact Vector Icon - Edelweiss General Group Health Insurance Single point of contact

    • The major advantage of Edelweiss general insurance is that there would be only a single point of contact in case of any service related issues.
    • For instance in case of a claim, there would be only one point of contact i.e. the insurance company.
    • Customers can directly dial the toll free number and register the claim which would be processed and approved within a specified period of time.
    • Edelweiss general insurance reduces the chances of interacting with different parties for a single work. This increases the efficiency and reduces the turnaround time of claim settlement.
    • Edelweiss general insurance policy download here.

    Minimum Documentation Required Vector Icon - Edelweiss General Group Health Insurance Minimum documentation required

    • The other advantage of Edelweiss health insurance is that it requires minimum documentation to carry out the claim settlement process.
    • The claim settlement process has been made simple, easy and hassle free for the health insurance customers.
    • The cashless claim settlement facility is available in all the network hospitals whereas the reimbursement facility can be availed for treatment taken in non-network hospitals.
    • Duly filled and signed claim form should be submitted to the Edelweiss general insurance company at the time of claim settlement in addition to the other important documents such as hospital bill, discharge summary etc.
    • Download Edelweiss general insurance claim form here .

    Quick Decision Making  Vector Icon - Edelweiss General Group Health Quick decision making

    • The most important advantage is the quick decision in approving the cashless claims.
    • Most of the cashless approvals are provided within 2 hours of admission and the admission should be reported to the insurance company within 24 hours in case of emergency and within 48 hours in case of planned treatment.
    • The approval for cashless treatment would be provided by the insurance company. The insurance desk at the hospital would take care of the approvals and the claim team of Edelweiss general insurance would act quickly to the cashless claim approvals thereby increasing the customer satisfaction.
    • Edelweiss health insurance hospital list.