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HRs often make these statements when we meet them for the first time as an Insurance Broker specializing in Employee Benefit Plans

We are spending a large portion of our HR Budget on group health insurance, but I am not happy with its impact.
This is all for 8% of your employees who actually claim benefits. Most of the remaining 92% don't even recall them.
Only 2-3% of those 6% are for emergency. The rest are for maternity and planned procedures.
In addition, the Group Health Insurance premiums keep increasing exponentially every year, which affects the HR budget for other verticals.
Providing insurance to employees' parents has always been challenging.
Despite all our efforts, employees are not happy. In spite of their claim of 99000, they complain about the 1000 which was deducted due to policy conditions.
There are times when I feel HR is such a thankless job.

Having read over the above statements, are there any of them that you can relate to?
Think about hiring an insurance broker that promises to solve all of the above problems.

" Your day could be more efficient if you didn't have to spend 90% of it following up with your insurance companies, TPAs or hospitals. "

In group health insurance, the whole employee experience is impacted by a triad that includes the insurer, third party administrator, and hospital.
A broker is responsible for balancing TPAs' and insurance companies' customer promises and delivery standards.
Aside from just acting as a watchman, an insurance broker can add significant value to the whole experience and administration of group insurance.
Choosing the right insurance broker is crucial before learning about Insurance Premiums and Policy Benefits.
Some of these key value facets are explained herewith.

Getting Group Insurance from an insurance Broker is like “insuring the risk of insuring the risk”, as the insurance broker is legally liable for protecting your interests.

Insurance brokers represent their clients to the insurer and not the other way around.

They are bound by the Insurance Regulator to perform as per the terms laid to them.

They must protect your interest at each stage of insurance, from purchasing a policy to assisting you with a claim.

They are experienced and have worked with various clients, so they know the best practices and can set up an insurance program for your organization with ease, saving you time and effort!