Your boredom might be a Sign that you are Unhappy.

To be very clear, if you have never found yourself at loose ends, never said the words “I am bored” or something along those lines then this piece is probably not for you.

The other half of the world’s population that experiences this feeling of intense boredom, this need to do something fun with unexplainable restlessness, this piece is for you.

Are you bored or unhappy?

You ever wondered how airplanes fly? Do you know the secret ingredient for making the perfect chocolate mousse? Have you completely explored the vast works of the great Shakespeare or Dr. Seuss?

The truth is you might not be interested in any of the above.

Why? Because they don’t prick your interest and so they won’t do anything to improve your state of boredom.

Even though none of the above might be interesting to you, there must be something that you find interesting.

Your interest might lie in the fascinating lives of insects. A study of insects, their behavior, and habitats will spark up our curiosity.

Consider the vast amount of knowledge that is readily available to anyone who is willing to look.

Research may sound all academic and look nothing like what you might utilize to alleviate boredom, but if it takes you into a world you are interested in, it will look and feel nothing like work.

When you take the time to discover something that interests you, you will find yourself excited about learning more about it. Soon, you will find that there is no room to be bored.

Life is all about experiences. Experiences open our eyes to the things around us.

We find our interests and these experiences help us see new worlds.

The world is vast, beautiful, and full of experiences. Don’t ever think that you are done exploring everything the world has to offer. There are a limitless number of things to see, to experience, and explore. You can never totally exhaust all the options that the world has to offer.

Here is one idea, perhaps you are suffering from a lack of discovered interest, or you probably haven’t taken time to pursue your interests.

Your boredom is most likely as a result of you not finding something that catches and hold your interest. It can also be that you have found something, but you haven’t taken the time to pursue them. These interests have a way of keeping you busy and purpose-filled. When something gives you a sense of purpose, you pursue it. There is no place for boredom!

Do you remember when you were a kid, and the world was an exciting place? You could never stop exploring. Summers were the height because there was always something new to discover.

Remember those things you did, think about it, boredom was not a thing.

When we lose the wonder of childhood and get so caught up in ourselves, we are faced with a deep yearning for the excitement that sometimes disguises as boredom.

Drop your phones or laptops, put on suitable clothing, and go see the world.

Have you fully explored your city?

What your favorite historical era? Have you explored places in your city that pays tribute to it?

There is so much you can do, to keep boredom away! Start doing! Start exploring!

With more exploration comes more knowledge. You can learn so much from diving into the culture, it is amazing. Not much of a conversationalist? Exploring the different facets of the world gives you a plethora of conversation topics. You become more enlightened; people will find you interesting. Most importantly, you are filled with a sense of purpose.

Do not let life and its many responsibilities rob you of the joy of discovering the world. Every day, make a commitment to discovering something new about the world. Try to live in a constant state of wonder and discovery.

See? Boredom doesn’t exist in such a world.